Chapter 1470: Feng Lianying Was Missing

Chapter 1470: Feng Lianying Was Missing

Ouyang Haoxuan turned around and heard Xuan Wu ask, “What happened?”

“Feng Lianying is gone!”

“What?!” Xuan Wu was startled. This was the person whom the master and the princess had named to capture, “How did she escape?”

The Iron Kirin soldier shook his head and said, “We have known the place where Feng Lianying was imprisoned, but when we arrived, the stone door of that place had been opened. There was no trace of Feng Lianying inside. In addition… we found one less person in the Feng Family.”

“Who is it?”

“Nie Jinchen.”

Xuan Wu frowned suddenly. He knew that Nie Jinchen had been secretly in love with Feng Lianying for many years. Could it be that Nie Jinchen rescued Feng Lianying? What should we do now?

Xuan Wu knew that Feng Lianying and Feng Yunjing were the members of the Feng Family that his master wanted to kill the most, but now Feng Lianying actually ran away.

Ouyang Haoxuan squinted and said coldly, “I will chase Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen. I’ll leave the matter here to you.”

“How did you find…”

However, before Xuan Wu could finish speaking, Ouyang Haoxuan turned into a ball of flame and flew toward the southwest direction.

Feeling the incoming scorching flames, Xuan Wu took a deep breath.

Ouyang Haoxuan, I remembered that as early as half a year ago, this young man was just an ordinary martial artist at the Gold Core Stage intermediate stage.

But now, his strength has reached the Nascent Soul Stage. Even when facing him, I feel more pressure than when facing Wu Xing.

Moreover, the dark aura emanating from this young man seemed to have climbed up from hell, making people shudder when they see his eyes.

Ouyang Haoxuan… Is he good or bad for the master and princess?

Xuan Wu sighed and put all these aside, then he let Iron Kirin continue to sweep Feng Family.

After tens of millions of years of accumulation, the wealth of the Feng Family was unimaginably rich. The master said that all of them would be swept away as a dowry gift for his master to marry the princess.


This trip to the magical beast forest, Miracle Healer Academy suffered a complete failure.

Not to mention that the mission was not completed, several students died due to the attack of the magical beasts and the outbreak of the corpse puppet virus.

However, because of Xi Yue’s return, everyone was full of smiles again.

Because in the boundary of the magical beast forest, everyone dared not fly, fearing to trigger the attack of those beastkins, so they could only leave the magical beast forest first, then they took the airship to Miracle Healer Academy.

Of course Hexi knew that those beastkins would not attack them again, but in the confinement space, many students lost their relatives and friends because of the magical beasts’ attack, Hexi would be stupid to say that she had a good relationship with the beastkins.

While walking, there was a weak cry for help not far away.

Immediately afterward, a disheveled woman stumbled over and fell in front of Deputy Dean Jiang.

After seeing the face of the person, the students standing in the front row couldn’t help exclaiming, “Lu Zhixi?”

The girl who asked for help was Lu Zhixi.

She looked very miserable at this time. The clothes on her body were tattered. There were wounds caused by branches all over her body.

But the strange thing was that the disgusting rotten wound on her face before she disappeared was gone.

Lu Zhixi’s appearance was delicate and beautiful now. Although there were many wounds on her body, instead of looking ugly, she looked more pitiful and alluring.

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