Chapter 1472: Fabricate Lies

Chapter 1472: Fabricate Lies

The young man became even more indignant, feeling that he was protecting the weak president, “Dean, Zhixi has worked hard as the president of the Academy Student Council, and she has done a lot for the academy. Even if she hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy, she has still made great efforts. Are you going to sacrifice Zhixi just for Xi Yue?”

Bah!” Qian Dazhuang couldn’t listen anymore. He cursed, “This ruthless bitch, did she just make a little mistake? She literally wanted to kill Xi Yue. Why should we let her go? Have you forgotten how many people died from the corpse puppet virus because of her.”

When Lu Zhixi heard Qian Dazhuang’s words, crystal tears welled up in her eyes. She looked extremely pitiful.

She walked up to Hexi slowly and knelt down toward Hexi with a plop, “Xi Yue, I admit that I was blinded by hatred before. I was threatened by the elders of the Doctors Association, so I did something that hurt you.”

“But these things, including poisoning the people of Miracle Healer Academy, were all done by Elder Qi and the others on their own initiative. I just couldn’t help myself. It has nothing to do with my father either.”

“I hate you so much only because I’m angry that you seduced the King of Hell, spoke ill of me in front of the King of Hell, made the King of Hell despise me, but he instead likes a man like you. That would make him be condemned by everyone in the world!”

Lu Zhixi cried more and more sadly, “Now I know that I was wrong. For the sake of giving His Highness King of Hell to you, please forgive me. From now on, I will never compete with you again!”

Hexi half-smiled and looked up at Nangong Yu: You give him to me?

Nangong Yu stared coldly at the more alluring woman who deliberately twisted her body to reveal her chest line, and his aura suddenly burst out.

Dare to fabricate lies in front of me and Xi’er, this woman must be tired of living.

The pitiful Lu Zhixi who was crying was stiff all over as if she was suddenly poured by a basin of ice water in winter.

Nangong Yu grabbed her neck and lifted her up high. His dark eyes were as deep as the abyss, “If you dare, you can say one more sentence. You said that you have something to do with King of Hell? You Said that Xi’er took the King of Hell from you? Sorry! Why don’t I know about this?”

“You… you… you are… what…” Lu Zhixi spoke with difficulty. Her feet kicked desperately, trying to struggle out of Nangong Yu’s grasp.

Nangong Yu suddenly took off the mask on his face.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes were on his face, and there was a neat gasp.

God, how could there be such a handsome and graceful man in the world?

The sun shone on his handsome and delicate face and on his nose bridge, seeming to cast a layer of golden light on him.

Just a light sweep of the deep starry eyes made people’s legs tremble. They wished they could crawl on the ground and lick his shoes.

It was clear that the students who would enter Miracle Healer Academy were the most proud and elite geniuses of Miluo Continent, but these geniuses were inconspicuous in front of this man.

“It’s… it’s King of Hell Nangong Yu!!” Someone exclaimed in surprise.

Then everyone’s eyes lit up, and they couldn’t help staring at him excitedly.

This is King of Hell Nangong Yu, the God of War who broke through the Nascent Soul Stage when he was less than twenty years old. The first genius of the Miluo Continent?!

Even Lu Zhixi, whose throat was clutched by Nangong Yu, was stunned. Her frightened eyes turned into fascination. She stared blankly at the handsome and beautiful face in front.

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