Chapter 1473: These Idiots

Chapter 1473: These Idiots

Nangong Yu slowly tightened his hand on Lu Zhixi’s neck. There was a cruel smile on his mouth, “What are you? You have the nerve to say that I have an affair with you. You!? You aren’t even worth lifting Xie’er shoes!”

There was a horrible clicking sound from the tightly squeezed throat.

The obsession in Lu Zhixi’s eyes turned into fear again, as well as deep jealousy and resentment.

Seeing that Lu Zhixi was about to be strangled to death, the dean from the pioneer branch of Miracle Healer Academy quickly stood up and shouted nervously, “Your Royal Highness King of Hell, please be merciful. Zhixi is still a student of our Miracle Healer Academy. Please…”

Deputy Dean Jiang also said nervously, “Please let us handle her, King of Hell.”

No matter how much Deputy Dean Jiang and the others hated the Doctors Association now, as long as Lu Xuyang still existed, they would not be able to directly confront the Doctors Association, so Lu Zhixi must be kept. As for the enmity with the Doctors Association, of course they would find a way to avenge it.

Nangong Yu sneered and shook his hand.

Lu Zhixi was thrown out like rubbish, hit a tree hard, and then spat out a mouthful of blood.

Nangong Yu said coldly without even looking at her, “Don’t appear in front of Xi’er again and stop your dirty tricks, otherwise I will let you know what is worse than death!”

After finishing speaking, he hugged Xi Yue, flew up, and flew out of the magical beast forest.

No one would doubt whether a magical beast would come to attack Nangong Yu, because he could instantly kill Nascent Soul Stage martial artists. Those beastkins would be stupid enough to provoke them.

Everyone who stayed in place looked at each other in dismay and shock.

Zhang Yi suddenly exclaimed, “It turned out that the unattractive brother guard was disguised by King of Hell Nangong Yu, no wonder! How can the brother guard be worthy of Brother Xi Yue? Hehe, I think King of Hell looks better than Senior Xuan Mu!”

Qian Dazhuang immediately retorted, “What’s the use of being good-looking? I think Senior Xuan Mu is stronger and more reliable. I think it’s better for Xi Yue to choose Senior Xuan Mu.”

Wei Chengyuan: “………” You idiots. Don’t you realize something wrong in this? King of Hell is a man, Xuan Mu is a man, and Xi Yue is a man.

Jin Zeyu’s cold eyes swept across Lu Zhixi not far away who was wiping tears and accepting comfort from the students of the pioneer branch, and he frowned slightly.

I remember that before Lu Zhixi left, she was poisoned by the corpse puppet virus. The wound on her face couldn’t be healed with spiritual power.

Why did she recover after just one day?

Why does she still come back in a servile manner? She even doesn’t hesitate to let the students of the pioneer branch to plead for her. What exactly is she trying to do?

Jin Zeyu and Wei Chengyuan looked at each other, and they both saw the solemnity in each other’s eyes.

Jin Zeyu said to Chen Xiaofeng who was beside him, “After returning to the academy, pay close attention to Lu Zhixi’s movements. Remember to tell me and Wei Chengyuan if there is anything unusual.”


The news of the extermination of the Feng Family swept through the entire Miluo Continent like a hurricane.

In the past few years, the Feng Family had done all kinds of bad deeds with their overwhelming strength. They had killed countless people and destroyed many sects.

Now that the Feng Family had been wiped out, many people were secretly laughing. Some people bowed down to the grassy tomb, thanking God for avenging their vengeance. Jiang Huai, who lost his wife and son in Sealed Dragon Domain and had been making recording talismans for Hexi, was one of them.

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