Chapter 1474: Turned Hostile

Chapter 1474: Turned Hostile

However, Jiang Huai did not know that Feng Lianying was not dead yet. But now, she was not much better than death.

Feng Lianying escaped from Feng Family and wanted to go to the extreme northern ice land, where her master, the master of the Thousand Poison Valley, lived.

But, where was the land of the extreme northern ice land? It at least took more than half a month to travel even with the fastest airship.

Feng Family and Thousand Poison Valley originally had a teleportation array, but it required a large amount of high grade crystal stones, but now, Feng Family was destroyed and was surrounded by the Iron Kirin. If Feng Lianying wanted to go to Thousand Poison Valley, she could only fly there.

Nie Jinchen had been by Feng Lianying’s side, accompanying her to the ice land.

This also made Feng Lianying feel better. Al least her charm really completely fascinated Nie Jinchen. Even at this time, Nie Jinchen didn’t leave her.

However, without the crystal stones, Feng Lianying couldn’t even get a good rest under the pursuit of the King of Hell Mansion and Shengde Hall all over the continent. Her storage device was even confiscated when she was confined.

How could a noble lady like Feng Lianying endure such a life?

At dusk, they landed in a mountain field. Feng Lianying couldn’t bear this hard life anymore, and she angrily shouted at Nie Jinchen, “You trash can’t even find a spiritual food. Do you want me to starve to death on the way? Or do you think that I have lost power now, so you don’t take me seriously? Let me tell you, after turning over this mountain, we will reach the ice land where my master lives. When I get there, I will let you suffer!”

Nie Jinchen’s eyes dimmed with a hint of ruthlessness.

But he still showed a gentle smile and said, “Lianying, don’t be angry. I’ll get you some fruit and water.”

Feng Lianying cursed a few more times. Seeing Nie Jinchen walk away, she took out her dagger and stabbed it into the ground, cursing, “Xi Yue, Xi Yue! You must die! I will let you die terribly!”

Nie Jinchen quickly brought back the water along with a few shriveled fruits.

Feng Lianying took the fruits with a cold face, took a bite with disgust on his face, then spat on the ground, “Is this even edible? Nie Jinchen, why are you so useless?”

However, Nie Jinchen still had a good-tempered smile. She fed the water to Feng Lianying’s mouth and gave her a spirit healing pill. Watching her eat the pill, he sneered.


Feng Lianying didn’t know when she fell asleep, but she only remembered that she lost consciousness after drinking the water.

When she regained consciousness, she only felt incomparably severe pain in her limbs and lower abdomen. She couldn’t help crying immediately due to the pain.

Nie Jinchen’s laughing voice suddenly came from above, “Feng Lianying, how is the feeling of dantian being abolished and the tendons and veins of limbs being severed? Does it feel good?”

Feng Lianying widened her eyes and looked at the man looking down at her in disbelief, “Nie Jinchen, what… what did you do to me?!”

“What did I do?” Nie Jinchen sneered with a sinister gaze, “I abolished your cultivation. From now on, you, Feng Lianying, are no longer the Miss of the Feng Family, but a trash that can be bullied and trampled at will.”

“How… how could you treat me like this?!” Feng Lianying mobilized dantian, feeling a burning pain instead of spiritual power. She suddenly panicked, “Nie Jinchen, how dare you do this to me? Are you not afraid that my master will rip you apart?”

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