Chapter 1475: So Vicious

Chapter 1475: So Vicious

Nie Jinchen laughed loudly, then his face twisted. He kicked Feng Lianying hard.

Feng Lianying screamed in pain. Until she finally couldn’t take it anymore, she begged for mercy. Nie Jinchen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will crush your throat, blind your eyes and destroy your face later, then I will sell you to the barbaric tribe in the extreme north. At that time, no one will know that you, Feng Lianying, are still alive.”

“And I will take your token to Thousand Poison Valley and tell the master of Thousand Poison Valley that you have been killed by Nangong Yu. Hahaha… At that time, I will get the true inheritance of the master of Thousand Poison Valley. You, Feng Lianying, will be tortured for the rest of your life in that barren land and wait for your miserable death.”

Feng Lianying’s eyes widened in horror. She couldn’t believe her ears.

She looked up at Nie Jinchen’s distorted face as if she didn’t know this man who was once obsessed with her.

Feng Lianying was extremely angry and hated, wishing to rip Nie Jinchen apart.

However, at this moment, her heart was occupied by fear the most. Her face was wet with tears. She wanted to grab the corner of Nie Jinchen’s robe, but found that her hands were in severe pain. Her tendons were actually severed.

Feng Lianying was even more frightened. She couldn’t help crying, “Nie Jinchen, don’t you like me? Why are you doing this to me? I… I like you too. I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with you. Can you let me go?”

Nie Jinchen lowered his head, looked at her with disgust, and sneered, “Like me? If you like me, you will command me like a dog? If you like me, you will push me into the magical beasts and let me be your scapegoat?”

“Feng Lianying, don’t flatter yourself. Do you think that I will still like you after you were tarnished by those men? Let me tell you, I hate you to the extreme on the way here. I follow you because I want to let you taste what it’s like to be a dog with my own hands and see your miserable end!”

“Nie Jinchen, how… how can you be so vicious!” Feng Lianying screamed loudly, “You will not succeed. Even if you take my token, my master will…”

Before Feng Lianying finished speaking, Nie Jinchen had cut her throat.

Feng Lianying widened her mouth, but she could only make a broken and desperate sound.

Nie Jinchen sneered and said, “Listening to your voice for a moment longer makes me sick. Feng Lianying, the people from the barbaric tribe I contacted will come here soon. Your hell is waiting for you!”

Feng Liying stared in horror, watching Nie Jinchen’s sword stabbing toward her eyes.

Aaaaa—!” A miserable scream sounded through the sky.

With Feng Lianying’s deep resentment and unwillingness, and the despair of never turning back.


Ouyang Haoxuan followed Feng Lianying’s trail all the way, and he flew to the extreme northern ice land.

But after arriving at the extreme northern ice land, the clues were divided into 2.

One was in the direction of the jungle, and the other was deep in the glacier.

Ouyang Haoxuan only thought for a moment, then he went to the jungle.

After flying for a certain distance, he saw a barbaric tribe.

The people here were all dressed in animal skins and bone ornaments, lived in caves and houses made of mud embryos, and had spiritual power. However, most of them only were only at the Qi refining stage and the Foundation Establishment stage.

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