Chapter 1476: The Ending of Feng Lianying

Chapter 1476: The Ending of Feng Lianying

These people were startled when they saw Ouyang Haoxuan. They all made exclaims of unknown meanings.

This was their language. Ouyang Haoxuan couldn’t understand.

He stood on the canopy and soon saw a woman placed in the center of the altar.

The woman was completely naked. There were bloodstains of severed tendons on her hands and feet, her face was sliced several times, her one eye was gouged out, and the other eye was full of fear and despair. She opened her mouth trying to speak, but she could only make a “click” sound.

There were several men wrapped in animal skins surrounding her, taking out copper sharp knives as if they wanted to cut off the flesh from the woman as a sacrificial offering.

Ouyang Haoxuan appeared on top of the altar and glanced as the woman who was being sacrificed.

As soon as the woman saw him, her only eye immediately widened, her broken throat made a clicking sound, and her body began to struggle violently.

There was pleading in her tearful eyes.

Ouyang Haoxuan slightly sneered. Even a fool could see the joy in his eyes.

Feng Lianying? This really is a suitable ending for you.

Good luck then!

After laughing, Ouyang Haoxuan jumped up and flew straight toward the glacier.

On Feng Lianying’s side, the tribesmen who had stopped the sacrificial activities after being frightened were finally relieved.

Some of them lit a fire, some danced in feathered clothes, and some took a knife to slice off Feng Lianying’s meat piece by piece.

There was peace and tranquility beyond the deep mountains. No one knew that the former Miss of the Feng Family, the sought-after Ice Lotus Fairy, was suffering her tragic ending here.


The temperature in the extreme northern ice land was below minus 40 to 50 degrees all year round, even high-level martial artists would not be able to withstand it if they stayed here for a long time.

Nie Jinchen’s already cold teeth were chattering. His eyebrows and hair were covered with frost.

However, he had been searching here for a day, but he still hadn’t found the entrance to Thousand Poison Valley.

The Thousand Poison Valley token found on Feng Lianying did not respond either. If he still couldn’t find the place, he would freeze to death here.

As he was thinking about whether to leave the glacier first and think of a way.

Suddenly, a flaming red sword light rushed toward him.

Nie Jinchen was frightened. He hurriedly channeled spiritual power to move back, but the flames still brushed against his shoulder.

Severe burning pain came from his shoulder, and he couldn’t help screaming.

Ouyang Haoxuan slowly descended from the sky with the Red Lotus Sword in his hand.

The thin clothes rattled fiercely in the glacier. It was obviously minus 50 degrees, but Ouyang Haoxuan didn’t seem to feel the cold at all. There was even a leisurely smile on his handsome face.

“Ouyang Haoxuan!” Nie Jinchen exclaimed, “Why… why are you here? What do you want to do?”

Ouyang Haoxuan smiled faintly with a bloodthirsty gleam in his eyes, “What am I doing here? Of course, I’m here to wipe out the members of the Feng Family!”

“I… I’m not from the Feng Family!” Nie Jinchen felt deep fear. He remembered that the young master of the Ouyang Family was only at the Gold Core Stage, but the person standing in front of him gave him the illusion that he was completely unmatched, “I even also killed Feng Lianying. I aven… avenge your Ouyang Family! The Feng Family you want to kill has nothing to do with me!”

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