Chapter 1477: Master of Thousand Poison Valley

Chapter 1477: Master of Thousand Poison Valley

Ouyang Haoxuan squinted slightly and said with a light smile, “Yeah! you’re not from the Feng Family, and you didn’t harm me either. But, you once wanted to kill Xi Yue right? I’m really sorry. Everyone who wanted to kill Xi Yue should all die!”

Before Ouyang Haoxuan finished speaking, he already soared into the sky, and the Red Lotus Sword was shining with dazzling fire and rushing toward Nie Jinchen.

Nie Jinchen’s eyes widened in horror. The flames were about to hit his face, and the fiery aura seemed to burn his skin… Suddenly, there was a “ding“. A white light flashed and deflected the Red Lotus Sword.

Ouyang Haoxuan stepped back more than 10 meters and looked at a group of people in white clothes who suddenly appeared not far away.

The leader was a slender woman in white. She had a white veil covering her face, revealing only a pair of soul-stirring watery eyes.

However, the woman in white was not standing, she was sitting on top of a giant unicorn. Around her were several handsome, slender young men with cold expressions and 2 women who had veils on their faces.

As soon as Nie Jinchen saw the woman in white, he cried and rushed over, “Valley Master, help, help me!”

Ouyang Haoxuan frowned slightly, and his heart tightened.

He had heard about the relationship between the valley master of the Thousand Poison Valley and the Feng Family from Xi Yue. She was Feng Lianying’s master and the most mysterious person in the entire Miluo Continent. Bai Hu once said that the master of the Thousand Poison Valley was actually not belong to the Miluo Continent, but from the upper realm.

The woman in white looked down at Nie Jinchen who was rushing in front of her, and she suddenly raised her bare hand. The Thousand Poison Valley token in Nie Jinchen’s arms was in her hand.

Nie Jinchen’s eyes flashed, and he cried even more mournfully, “Valley Master, please avenge the Feng Family and Sister Lianying! The Feng Family was wiped out by the King of Hell Mansion and Sister Lianying was brutally murdered by Nangong Yu and Xi Yue. They are really miserable. I want to revenge, but I’m not Nangong Yu’s opponent. I was even hunted by them to this extreme north. Please help me, Valley Master!”

The eyes of the woman in white froze. She jumped off the unicorn.

The young man next to her immediately stepped forward and served her attentively, looking at her with eyes filled with passion and love.

The woman in white seemed to be used to such a scene. She rubbed the token in her hand and said to Nie Jinchen, “You said Feng Family was destroyed and Lianying died too? And it was Nangong Yu who did it? How did Nangong Yu have such power?”

“Valley Master, it’s true!” Nie Jinchen said hastily. “This has spread in the entire Miluo Continent. Everyone knows that it was Nangong Yu who exterminated the Feng Family. Moreover, the person who eliminated Liu Li Sect was also Nangong Yu.”

“Nangong Yu, this ungrateful bastard. If the Feng Family hadn’t saved him, he would have died long ago. However, he turned against Feng Family just because of Xi Yue, and he even wiped out the Feng Family. Valley Master, Sister Lianying died so miserably, you must avenge her!”

Did Nie Jinchen hate Nangong Yu? Of course, he did, and he hated him to the extreme.

He had a crush on Feng Lianying since he was a child, but Feng Lianying treated him like a dog for Nangong Yu. She didn’t care about his life or death at all.

In Feng Family and Liu Li Sect, although he was a senior and he had been talented since he was a child, no one had ever taken him seriously. Because in everyone’s mind, the real genius was only Nangong Yu, not even Feng Yunjing could be compared with him.

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