Chapter 1478:  Old Woman

Chapter 1478: Old Woman

Therefore, Nie Jinchen hated Feng Lianying and wanted this woman to end miserably, but he hated Nangong Yu even more. In his dreams, he wanted to see Nangong Yu fall into the abyss and end up in the same desperation as him.

“Nangong…” The woman in white murmured in a trance, then she looked at Nie Jinchen with her beautiful eyes, “Xi Yue… is he Nangong Yu’s favorite toy boy?”

Nie Jinchen was taken aback. He knew that Xi Yue was a woman, but when he heard the woman in white asking, he said without hesitation, “That’s right, Nangong Yu disregards the ethical guidelines just for a toy boy. Obviously, Sister Lianying grew up with him, but he even killed Sister Lianying for a toy boy…”

“You said it was Nangong Yu who killed Lianying?” The woman in white suddenly chuckled.

She suddenly injected spiritual power into the token. The next moment, a white light curtain appeared in front of Nie Jinchen.

It showed the scene of Nie Jinchen crushing Feng Lianying’s throat, stabbing her blind in one eye, and selling her to the barbarian tribe.

Nie Jinchen’s eyes widened in horro. His body trembled with fear.

The girl standing behind the woman in white sneered and said, “Where do you think our Thousand Poison Valley is and what is the token of Thousand Poison Valley? Do you think anyone can simply impersonate?”

“You sold my senior sister and wanted to blame Nangong Yu. Nie Jinchen, do you really think my master is so easy to be deceived?”

“Valley Master… Valley Master!” Nie Jinchen snapped back to his senses. He knelt and cralwed toward the woman in white, “Valley Master, I know I was wrong, but I really didn’t kill Feng Lianying, I can take you there to look for her… Please let me go…”

The woman in white frowned in disgust. The girl beside her immediately took a step forward and sprinkled medicinal powder on him.

Before Nie Jinchen finished begging for mercy, he suddenly let out a shrill scream.

Immediately afterward, his body slowly turned into a pile of mud at a speed visible to the naked eye. The flesh and blood were evaporated in the freezing cold. What was left was a black lump of suspicious objects that exuded the smell of corpses.

The girl didn’t feel disgusted at all, but she said happily, “Master, our man eating flowers have fertilizer again.”

As she spoke, she collected the lump of black stuff and put it into her portable void. In the portable void, there was a field of tens of acres, on which various spiritual plants were planted.

One of the plants was like sunflower-like flower, but the center of the flower was a ferocious human face.

The girl put Nie Jinchen’s corpse on the field ridge and threw in a black seed. Immediately, a huge flower with Nie Jinchen’s face appeared in the field, revealing a ferocious and distorted smile in the light of the void crystal stone.

The woman in white looked at Ouyang Haoxuan.

The soul-stirring eyes scanned Ouyang Haoxuan from top to bottom, then she suddenly smiled and said, “I don’t care who you are, as long as you are willing to become my toy boy, I will let you go and let you have a better future.”

As the woman in white spoke, she slowly approached Ouyang Haoxuan. Her eyes reflected a tempting brilliant, “My patience is not very good. Now, can you give me an answer?”

Ouyang Haoxuan chuckled, which was obviously an elegant and lazy move, but the smile in his eyes contained deep irony, “I’m so sorry, I’m not interested in serving an old woman.”