Chapter 1479: Old Cow Chewing Tender Grass

Chapter 1479: Old Cow Chewing Tender Grass

The woman in white stopped. Her gaze became blurred and distant.

Looking at the handsome man in front of her, she seemed to see the tall and straight man with an evil smile decades ago.

Nangong Aotian… That was the first time I was so obsessed with a man; wanted him so much; wanted to possess him.

I even let go of my airs as a young lady and humbled myself, hoping to gain his affection and become his wife.

But what did Nangong Aotian respond to me?

It was the unhesitating contempt and sarcasm, the dismissive eyes that treated me like a trash.

That man even married low rank martial artists who had no background or strength at all, threw my heart into the mud, trampled and humiliated me, and made me the laughingstock of the entire Siam Continent.

Nangong Aotian and Yun Churan, these two people who brought me unforgettable hatred! I will never forget them in my life!

Even if the two of them die, so what? The child will pay off their debt. I will let the son of that bitch, Yun Churan, taste the pain of despair and torture like hell!

Lou Wushuang took a deep breath and looked at Ouyang Haoxuan again.

This man’s appearance is not as good as Nangong Aotian’s, but the evil enchanting aura exuding from him is so similar to Nangong Aotian’s.

I must let this proud man bow his head, kneel and lick my toes, and become my captive.

Thinking of this, Lou Wushuang sneered slightly, “Are you Xi Yue’s subordinate? I heard that Xi Yue is only at the Foundation Establishment stage. You, a martial artist at the Nascent Soul Stage, are willing to follow behind a Foundation Establishment stage? You are also seduced by that toy boy?”

She suddenly waved her hand lightly, removing the veil on her face. A beautiful face was revealed, “What do you think? Is my appearance comparable to Xi Yue’s?”

“If I say, I can give you more than Xi Yue, can improve your strength, and let you enjoy the otherworldly feeling, are you willing to abandon Xi Yue and follow me?”

Ouyang Haoxuan looked down at her face. His eyes were calm without any expression.

Lou Wushuang wasn’t reconciled, so she waved behind her. 2 young men immediately came forward.

One kissed Lou Wushuang’s fingers reverently, the other sniffed the fragrance of Lou Wushuang’s body intoxicatedly, and a pair of trembling hands stroked Lou Wushuang’s soft waist and body. They both breathed heavily.

Although the scene in front was not an entanglement of bodies, it could make the blood of all the men surge.

The other toy boys behind Lou Wushuang already had fiery eyes, eager to rush up and replace them.

Lou Wushuang’s heart was full of certainty. Except for Nangong Aotian, no man in the world can resist such beauty. As long as Ouyang Haoxuan is enchanted, I can completely make this man my captive.

Ouyang Haoxuan watched this scene for a long time, and he finally sneered and let out a low laugh.

Lou Wushuang originally raised her head, making a slight seductive moaning motion.

Ouyang Haoxuan sneered, “It’s really disgusting to see a group of tender grass being chewed by an old cow. You guys go ahead. I won’t bother you.”

After speaking, he turned and left ruthlessly.

Lou Wushuang was astounded. The anger in her chest gushed out, almost distorting her entire face.

Suddenly, she shouted, transfigure an ice sword in her hand, and rushed toward Ouyang Haoxuan, “Court death——!”

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