Chapter 1480: Broken Arm

Chapter 1480: Broken Arm

Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes focused, and the Red Lotus Sword soared into the sky, going at Lou Wushuang’s attack without hesitation.

After 15 minuts, everything in the glacier returned to tranquility.

However, there was a big puddle of blood and a severed arm on the glacier. The blood even splashed all over Lou Wushuang’s body, reflecting Lou Wushuang’s livid face. Lou Wushuang’s disciples and toy boys tremble with fear.

Lou Wushuang gritted her teeth and looked at the broken arm on the ground in disbelief.

Never mind that he rejected my lure, but when my ice prison was about to trap him, he actually used flames to cut off the ice prison together with his own arm without hesitation. Then, he quickly ran away.

Even when he gave up his arm, there was a gentle smile on his mouth as if he was missing something interesting; as if what he gave up was not an arm at all, but an insignificant piece of garbage.

“Good! Good!” Lou Wushuang gritted her teeth and sneered, “Xi Yue? I want to see, who can make Nangong Yu and make other men fall in love with him to such extent, what kind of fox is he!”

“Ouyang Haoxuan, we shall see. Do you think you can escape from my palm?!”

The girl behind Lou Wushuang took a step forward and asked cautiously, “Master, shall we go save Senior Sister Feng?”

“Save her?!” Lou Wushuang sneered. Her face was full of disgust and sarcasm, “She can’t even deal with a man. What a waste of all my hard work on her in the past few years. This kind of trash deserves to end up like that .”


The huge airship landed slowly on the square of Miracle Healer Academy.

At this time, the Miracle Healer Academy was already crowded with people. Even Dean Jin Licheng, who seldom appeared in public, was standing on the high platform of the square, looking nervously at the huge airship above the sky.

The hatch of the airship opened, and students and elders descended from the sky one by one.

Seeing that almost 90% of the people returned safely, Jin Licheng was finally relieved.

After the students left, he got Golden Wolf’s plan from above.

Golden Wolf actually used his students and elders as bait to hunt the beastkins in the magical beast forest.

When Jin Licheng heard the news, he lost balance as if he was struck by lightning.

He never expected that the people in Mojing Pavilion could be so ruthless. He never expected that a compromise of his own would send all the students into hell.

However, Jin Licheng did not expect that he would receive a message from Deputy Dean Jiang 2 days ago.

The students and elders were all fine, only a few died. The others were on their way back safely.

How could he not be excited and nervous?

Many of the students who landed from the sky couldn’t help sobbing when they saw the familiar scenery and friends in front of them.

Some, who were emotionally sensitive, even threw themselves into the arms of their friends and burst into tears.

This short half month seemed like a nightmare to them. They thought they were going to die, but they narrowly escaped death and returned.

Jin Licheng excitedly grabbed Deputy Dean Jiang’s hand and asked him about his experience in the magical beast forest.

When he heard Deputy Dean Jiang say that the Doctors Association was the accomplice behind the scenes, and they were finally rescued because of Xi Yue, he just felt incredible.

Jin Licheng looked around, trying to find Xi Yue and ask him about his situation, but she was no longer around.

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