Chapter 1482: Friend

Chapter 1482: Friend

Hexi coughed lightly and nodded obediently, “Okay, I will listen to you.”

Nangong Yu stared at her with deep reluctance and love in his eyes.

He hugged her soft body into his arms tightly, “Xi’er, I really want to hold you forever and never separate from you.”

Hexi leaned obediently in Nangong Yu’s arms, wrapping his waist lightly. There was a happy smile on her lips.

“When I go back, I will start planning our marriage. I will tell them that you are the only one I want to marry.” Nangong Yu whispered, “Xi’er, wait for me. Don’t reject me, okay!”

Tell them? Who are they? Hexi was slightly stunned, but she didn’t speak yet.

Nangong Yu let go of her and quickly disappeared as if deliberately not giving her a chance to refuse the marriage proposal.

Hexi smiled helplessly. Her expression was full of sweetness and dotting. She completely forgot the questions in her mind.

Turning around, she met Xuan Mu’s deep and complicated eyes.

Hexi did not explore the meaning in Xuan Mu’s eyes, but she raised her hand and threw a bottle of medicine to Xuan Mu, “This is the grade 6 [meridian cleansing pill] I just refined. Nangong Yu has already tried it. It also works a little bit for the Soul Splitting Stage.”

On the airship, Hexi was idle and bored, so she tried to refine higher-grade medicinal pills in the void.

Sure enough, after her cultivation had improved, it became easy for her to refine grade 6 medicinal pills. Even, Hexi felt that it was no problem for her to refine grade 7 medicinal pills. It’s just that it took too long to refine grade 7 medicinal pills. She hadn’t had a chance to try it yet.

Xuan Mu took the medicinal pills, and his eyes became more complicated, “How do you know?”

Hexi smiled, “I’m at least a doctor; a doctor who is better than the president of the Doctors Association. Will I not notice your injury?”

This injury was the same as Nangong Yu’s, which was obviously caused by being strangled by the force of space during the teleportation process.

Nangong Yu’s injury had healed automatically when absorbing Jade Fire Toad, but Xuan Mu’s injury was obviously not healed yet.

Xuan Mu looked down at the porcelain bottle in his hand, and his gaze looked distant, “Why did you help me?”

Hexi raised her eyebrows with a look of surprise, “It seems like… you helped me over and over again first. I don’t like to owe favors. I thought you would treat me as a friend. Is it not?”

Xuan Mu raised his head abruptly. His expression looked stiff and unbearable. After a while, he closed his eyes, opened the porcelain bottle, poured a medicine and swallowed it.

Hexi smiled. Accepting help without saying thank you, isn’t this treating me as a friend?

She didn’t say anything more. She jumped onto the bed, threw herself into the warm and soft blanket, and fell into a deep sleep.

This time, her consciousness didn’t even sink into the void. She just simply fell asleep.

In the past 10 days, she was really tired. Not only physically tired, but also mentally tired. All she wanted now was to get a good night’s sleep.

Xuan Mu looked at her slender back for a long time before returning to his bed.

At this moment, he had already made up his mind.

Regardless of whether the wood source was related to Xi Yue or not, no matter what Xi Yue’s real identity was, he would not investigate further.

He acted as if he didn’t know anything, and Xi Yue was just his roommate, his friend.

Friend… how rare and distant is this to him?

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