Chapter 1483: Real Backer

Chapter 1483: Real Backer

In the dean room of the Miracle Healer Academy, Jin Licheng, with a gloomy face, listened to the narration of Deputy Dean Jiang and others.

Putting aside Golden Wolf’s ruthlessness, he did not expect that the Doctors Association and Lu Xuyang would be so despicable and shameless. They used their Miracle Healer Academy students and elders as stepping stones.

As for what Lu Zhixi said that Lu Xuyang didn’t know, he didn’t believe a word.

The current Doctors Association was under the total command of Lu Xuyang. It was a big joke to say that Lu Xuyang had no knowledge of what the elders of the association had done.

However, Lu Xuyang was backed by people from the upper realm. This time, the upper realm asked them to capture the beastkin, but they didn’t catch a single one. Golden Wolf and his people would definitely not let this end well.

Li Chengqun from Heaven Medical Branch was the most irritable. He couldn’t help but slap the table and said angrily, “Is there really nothing we can do after being used by those bastards of the Doctors Association? At least that little bastard Lu Zhixi, we must throw her into Spirit Extinct Valley and let her suffer punishment.”

Spirit Extinct Valley was one of the most forbidden areas of Miracle Healer Academy. It was also the most terrifying place. When it was revealed that Cai Yu framed Xi Yue, he was thrown into the Spirit Extinct Valley.

Deputy Dean Jiang frowned and said, “If we really punish Lu Zhixi, will Lu Xuyang go easy on us? Now we don’t even know if we can escape Mojing Pavilion’s revenge!”

“Could it be that the upper realm only has those scums in the Mojing Pavilion?” Li Chengqun gritted his teeth. “I heard that their Green Vine Clan is nothing in the upper realm! At least the one in Beijing Pavilion is far more powerful than them. Can’t we turn to the Venerable for help?”

Everyone present looked at each other with complicated and bitter expressions.

Jin Licheng chuckled, His voice was low and hoarse, “Venerable Hui Yue is naturally powerful, but why should he help us? In the eyes of the people in the upper realm, we are nothing more than small ants and casually raised spiritual pets.”

“After the spiritual pets are well-raised, they just pick a few to be their loyal subordinates. If they are not well-raised, they will be trampled to death at will. No one cares about the life and death of spiritual pets. Do you think, Venerable Hui Yue, or any force in the upper realm, will fight against the Green Vine Clan for spiritual pets like us?”

Jin Licheng’s words made everyone present feel heavy and look ugly.

No one wanted to admit their humbleness, but in the eyes of upper realm people, they were just like ants.

Zeng Shouyue gritted his teeth and said, “Could it be that we can just be like this forever? Letting the Green Vine Clan wantonly humiliate and trample us and letting that despicable Lu Xuyang show off in front of us?”

Zeng Shouyue still remembered to this day that his proud student back then was brutally tortured to death because he offended someone from the Mojing Pavilion. He resisted desperately, but there was nothing he could do except to be beaten to the brink of death. If he hadn’t still had feelings for the Huang Medical Branch and his friend, Jin Licheng, he would have left this disgusting place long ago.

Jin Licheng smiled wryly and said self-deprecatingly, “Unless our Miracle Healer Academy can produce a powerful character who can ascend to the Siam Continent and gain a firm foothold in the upper realm, then maybe we will have real backing and protection. “

When Jin Licheng said this, Deputy Dean Jiang and other elders who had experienced the magical beast forest battle couldn’t help but look at each other in blank dismay.

They coincidentally thought of a name—Xi Yue.

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