Chapter 1484: Blame

Chapter 1484: Blame

If there was a person in this Miracle Healer Academy who could really ignore the difference between the upper realm and the lower realm and could ascend to the Siam Continent in just a few decades, it was definitely Xi Yue.

Deputy Dean Jiang murmured: “Dean, from today, I want to put all the best resources in the academy on Xi Yue alone. Only she is the hope to change the future of our Miracle Healer Academy…”

Before Deputy Dean Jiang finished speaking, a dean disciple’s exclamation suddenly came from outside the door, “How could you barge in here?”

As soon as the sentence finished, the door sealed with spiritual power was gently pushed open. A man in a long scholar gown walked into the room with a few strange men behind him.

As soon as they saw the person coming, the faces of Deputy Dean Jiang and others immediately became extremely ugly.

Li Chengqun even rushed toward him without even thinking, “Lu Xuyang, you still have the face to appear in Miracle Healer Academy!”

His fist was condensed with powerful spiritual power. Even if this fist hit the rock, it would collapse it.

However, Lu Xuyang didn’t seem to care. He lightly grasped Li Chengqun’s fist and shook it aside. Li Chengqun was thrown to the ground by him in embarrassment.

Lu Xuyang smiled lightly and said, “Dean Jean, is that how you welcome old friends?”

Dean Huang hurried over to help Li Chengqun up. When he detected that his meridians were injured, he was shocked to his core.

Lu Xuyang’s original cultivation is only at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. Although he was stronger than us, the gap is not that big, but now, he could injure the dean of Heaven Medical Branch with a single casual blow?!

Jin Licheng’s face was very gloomy, “Lu Xuyang, I haven’t settled the score with you for harming the students and elders of Miracle Healer Academy, but you dare to break in. You really think that we Miracle Healer Academy is afraid of you?!”

Lu Xuyang slowly showed a gentle and elegant smile, but in the eyes of Zeng Shouyue and others, he looked like the most poisonous snake, making people disgusted and hated.

“Jin Dean must be joking. I, Lu Xuyang, have always respected Miracle Healer Academy, and even sent my only precious daughter to study there. How can Dean say that I harm the Miracle Healer Academy?”

Li Chengqun held his chest and yelled, “It is an iron-clad fact that people of the Doctors Association set us up in the magical beast forest, but you still want to argue. Don’t tell me that you don’t even know about it!”

Lu Xuyang suddenly stretched out his hand to grab an old man, kicked him to the ground, and said with a chuckle, “Oh, about that! I have already investigated that this matter was done by Elder Shen alone. I also just found out. I didn’t expect that Elder Shen had been lurking in the Doctors Association for many years would have such evil intentions. He secretly bribed the people. Now, in order to put the blame on me, he even harmed the people of Miracle Healer Academy. Hehe, it’s really hard to know the true face of everyone. I really didn’t expect to be deceived by this person for so many years!”

“Lu Xuyang, you bastard! You will die horribly! You’re the one who…”

The old man surnamed Shen shouted angrily, but before he could finish speaking, Lu Xuyang had already slapped his head with his palm. Elder Shen’s brain burst suddenly he died on the spot.

Lu Xuyang took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands, then he smiled and said, “Since the culprit has been dealt with, I believe that Miracle Healer Academy will not hold us accountable anymore right?”

Jin Licheng and Zeng Shouyue glanced at each other with horrified pale faces.

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