Chapter 1485: Arrogant

Chapter 1485: Arrogant

Elder Shen of the Doctors Association was the only one in the Doctors Association who opposed Lu Xuyang’s actions. Because of his cultivation was at the peak of Nascent Soul Stage and the fact that there were people behind him, Lu Xuyang had been unable to do anything about him.

But now, he killed Elder Shen so easily? Where did Lu Xuyang get his confidence, and how could he suddenly have such a terrifying strength?

Deputy Dean Jiang swallowed and stared at Lu Xuyang fiercely, “President Lu, are you here today just to show off your power? What exactly do you want?”

There was a hint of pride and madness in Lu Xuyang’s eyes. He smiled leisurely, “Nothing, I just hope that my innocent daughter, Zhixi, can continue to study in Miracle Healer Academy. For her safety, I want to assign 2 guards for her.”

As Lu Xuyang said, 2 strange men came forward behind him. Each of them had the cultivation of Nascent Soul later stage, but they didn’t seem to be from the Doctors Association.

“Impossible!” Zeng Shouyue said angrily, “Lu Zhixi wanted to kill Xi Yue. Everyone saw it with their own eyes. She must be punished!!”

Lu Xuyang sneered, “Dean Zeng, do you remember how your favorite student died back then? Could it be that Dean Zeng wants this one to die again?”

Zeng Shouyue’s face suddenly changed drastically. He glared at Lu Xuyang with hatred.

What does Lu Xuyang mean? He wants to harm Xi Yue?! He dares!!

“Or does Dean Jin want to disregard the safety of all Miracle Healer Academy students just to stand up for a student from the Huang Medical Branch?”

Jin Licheng was speechless and full of anger, but he could only bear it.

Lu Xuyang looked at the people in the room and smiled mockingly, then he turned and left.

This bunch of trash is destined to linger in this lower realm for a lifetime. And I, Lu Xuyang, have a glorious future waiting for me.

Lu Xuyang’s domineering comings and goings made the elders of Miracle Healer Academy tremble with anger, almost going crazy.

But the strength Lu Xuyang showed and the power behind him shocked them.

“We just let this despicable Lu Xuyang do whatever he wants like this?!” Li Chengqun roared unwillingly, but it agitated his wound, which made him cough violently again.

Dean Huang looked at the crowd, and he suddenly said in a deep voice, “Now that Lu Zhixi’s insidiousness has been proven, Cai Yu was probably wronged back then. Should we release Cai Yu from Spirit Extinct Valley?”

For this student who was extremely talented in forging, Dean Huang had always been thinking about him.

Although it might be too late to release him now, a few days in Spirit Extinct Valley could abolish anyone. What’s more, Cai Yu had been in for several months!


Lu Xuyang left Miracle Healer Academy and soon returned to his mansion in the Doctors Association.

As soon as he entered the door, he felt a powerful aura.

Without much thought, Lu Xuyang turned around and knelt down with a respectful expression, “Sir Silver Fox!”

Not far ahead, a young man in white slowly appeared.

He wore a silver mask with special runes on his face, showing only a pair of deep eyes.

Silver Fox waved his hand at him, examined Lu Xuyang up and down, and said with a half smile, “Congratulations to President Lu. Your strength has improved again. Your devouring ability is really terrifyingly powerful.”

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