Chapter 1486: Idiot?!

Chapter 1486: Idiot?!

Lu Xuyang hurriedly said respectfully, “It’s just an insignificant skill. Please don’t laugh at me, sir”

After a pause, he hesitated and said, “Sir, have you found Sir Golden Wolf?”

Silver Fox squinted with a hint of ruthlessness, “I found him.”

Lu Xuyang raised his head abruptly, but before he looked joyful, Silver Fox continued, “However, he is now an idiot who has lost both cultivation and mind. “

“What?!” Lu Xuyang raised his head in shock and disbelief.

He was really shocked. The Green Vince Clan wasn’t the strongest in the upper realm, but it was still a moderate force. Golden Wolf was the most powerful subordinate under the Lord. Who could kidnap Golden Wolf and turn him into a fool?!

Silver Fox stared at Lu Xuyang and slowly said, “Although Golden Wolf is an idiot now, after he came back, he kept muttering about the wood source. President Lu, did you really find the wood source in the magical beast forest? Or did you hide something from the Lord?”

Lu Xuyang’s heart skipped a beat, but he pretended to be ignorant and guilty, “Sir Silver Fox, it’s not that I was hiding something, but that I met an unexpected person in the magical beast forest and was seriously injured. I devoured a few people of the Doctors Association to be able to escape from the danger. I didn’t know what happened afterward!”

Silver Fox frowned as if trying to verify the truth from his words, “In Miluo Continent, is there anyone else who can beat you to the brink of death, President Lu? Who is that person?”

Thinking of that person and the terrifying feeling of his palm piercing through his body, Lu Xuyang felt chills down his spine.

He also learned about that person’s true identity from Lu Zhixi.

Lu Xuyang took a deep breath and said slowly, “It’s the King of Hell — Nangong Yu!”

“It’s him!!” Silver Fox exclaimed, but he was just shocked without doubting. He frowned deeply under the mask and murmured, “Could it be that the Nangong Family also wants to snatch the wood source? Otherwise, how could that kid suddenly appear in the magical beast forest? No, I have to go back and inform the Lord.”

He glanced at Lu Xuyang and said in a deep voice, “The fluctuation of wood source in the magical beast forest must be related to beastkin or Miracle Healer Academy. I will send people to investigate the beastkins. You keep an eye on the Miracle Healer Academy. If there is any news about the wood source, report it to the Lord. Are you clear?”

“Yes, sir. I will do my best!”

It wasn’t until he was sure that Silver Fox’s aura was completely gone that Lu Xuyang let out a breath. He looked in the direction where Silver Fox disappeared with a mocking smile.

The wood source is destined to be mine! No one else can get it!

The Nangong Family… Thinking of what Silver Fox said just now, Lu Xuyang frowned again. Could it be that King of Hell Nangong Yu has any background?


And Nangong Yu, who was mentioned by Lu Xuyang and Green Vince Clan, also returned to the King of Hell Mansion in Jin Ling Kingdom City a few days later.

Except for Bai Hu and Qing Luan who were following Hexi, and Xuan Wu who was cleaning up the Feng Family, all the other subordinates knelt in front of him to pay respects.

Nangong Yu waved to let them get up, then he went straight to the point, “I want to marry Xi Yue.”

The words were so abrupt that everyone was taken aback, unable to recover.

But this did not include foodie Wu Yu. Wu Yu immediately jumped up excitedly when he heard that Xi Yue, who was a superb cook, was about to become his own princess. He even forgot about his manner, “Long live the princess. Master, you should have married her sooner! That’s great now. I won’t have to worry about not having any good food in the future!”

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