Chapter 1487: Hexi And Xi Yue

Chapter 1487: Hexi And Xi Yue

Wu Xin gave this shameful guy a disgusted look, then he bowed and said, “Congratulations, master.”

Wu Chen and Wu Gou looked at each other. They both saw the embarrassment and surprise in each other’s eyes.

Isn’t this Xi Yue, known to the world today, as a man? Why would master marry a man?

Moreover, I remember that the master had proposed marriage to the Third Miss of Nalan Mansion only a few months ago. Although Nalan Mansion was wiped out later and the Third Miss was probably dead.

But doesn’t that mean that master should like woman? Why did he suddenly like man?

But Wu Chen quickly restrained his mind, bowed and said, “Congratulations, master.”

Whether it’s a man or a woman, as long as master likes it, no matter who the person is, he must marry back! It doesn’t matter if it’s a beastkin!

What’s more, who in the world doesn’t know that Xi Yue’s medical skills are superb. He even owns an industry like Shengde Hall that everyone is flocking to. Only such a young genius is worthy of our master.

As for the succession of the family? Immortal cultivators usually live a long life. Many people don’t value their offspring that much at all.

Wu Gou frowned, intending to say something, but he finally lowered his head silently.

Nangong Yu took a full view of their expressions, but he did not explain. He just said indifferently, “I summoned you today to tell you that Xi Yue will not only be my princess, but her order and status will also be equal to mine from now on. You will be loyal to me in the future, and you must also be loyal to Xi Yue. If I find out that anyone dares to disrespect Xi Yue, I will never show mercy. Do you understand?”

Several people, including the butlers of the King of Hell Mansion, all bowed in response.

After Wu Xin and others retreated, only Qing Long and Butler Nan remained beside Nangong Yu.

Butler Nan couldn’t help but asked, “Why didn’t young master tell Wu Gou and the others that Xi Yue is a woman and she is exactly the Nalan Hexi you proposed a few months ago?”

Nangong Yu tapped his fingers on the table, frowned slightly, and said, “Don’t ever mention again that Xi’er is the Third Miss of the Nalan Family. Xi Yue is Xi Yue; Nalan Hexi is Nalan Hexi. Nalan Hexi had already died, and Xi Yue is about to be my Nangong Yu’s wife. Uncle Nan, do you understand?”

Butler Nan was startled for a moment, then remembered the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the man in red clothes that destroyed the Nalan Family in a snap of his fingers. His mind shook for a moment. He had understood the meaning of his master and quickly bowed, “Subordinate understands. I will also tell Wu Xin and Wu Yu, who know about it, to not spread it.”

Nangong Yu nodded, but he did not loosen his frown.

Regarding Hexi’s origin and An Lingyue’s portrait, Nangong Yu always had a bad feelings. He instinctively knew that no one should discover Hexi’s true identity, otherwise it might bring disaster.

Therefore, he could only marry Xi Yue, not the Third Miss of the Nalan Family.

As for whether Xi Yue was a man or a woman and whether people in the world would spread gossip about him? Would he, Nangong Yu, care about such gossip?

Nangong Yu knocked on the table twice, and suddenly said to Qing Long: “Go and get the Xingyun Lujing.”

Qing Long was startled, and opened his eyes slightly, “Master is the Nangong family who wants to contact the upper realm?”

“Naturally.” Nangong Yu slowly raised the corners of his mouth, but his smile was a little complicated, with nostalgia and disgust, helplessness and hatred, “Now that I’m getting married, I should at least let them know anyway, right?”

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