Chapter 1488: Nangong Family

Chapter 1488: Nangong Family

Qing Long paused for a moment, then he silently took out the Nebula Dew Mirror from the King of Hell Mansion’s underground palace.

The Nebula Dew Mirror was a treasure that could connect 2 worlds. The energy contained in it was unimaginable, so ordinary storage devices couldn’t store it.

The Nebula Dew Mirror was almost half the height of a person. It was inlaid with exquisitely carved nebula patterns. The mirror was made of bronze. If one just looked at it this way, it was an ordinary and cheap bronze mirror with at most a little bigger size.

Nangong Yu swiped his finger lightly, dripped a few drops of blood oozed into the Nebula Dew Mirror, and injected spiritual power.

The original gloomy mirror surface suddenly lit up with a dazzling light.

The bronze mirror, which was still slightly rusty, seemed to suddenly turn into a vortex that refracted colorful light, leading to a very far place.

After about a quarter of an hour, the vortex on the mirror surface disappeared, and a clear image appeared.

At this time, there was chaos on the other side. Figures could be seen running back and forth and shouting.

“It’s Young Master Yu! It’s really Young Master Yu’s contact! Quick, hurry up and inform Master and the old lady!”

Nangong Yu watched this scene quietly without any change in expression.

Looking at those familiar and unfamiliar house furnishings, Qing Long’s eyes fluctuated for a while, then they slowly calmed down.

“Yu’er! Yu’er! Is it really you?” A crying voice came from the other end of the Nebula Dew Mirror.

Nangong Yu’s body trembled slightly, then a white-haired old woman appeared in the image.

The old woman’s cultivation was already at the Gold Core Stage, but she looked to be in her seventies. Her face was covered with wrinkles.

Seeing Nangong Yu, the old woman threw herself in front of the Nebula Dew Mirror and cried loudly, “Yu’er, it’s really my Yu’er! Yu’er, why haven’t you contacted grandma for so long? Do you know how grandma misses you much?”

The coldness in Nangong Yu’s eyes was melting like the snow in spring.

If there was anyone else in the Nangong family whom he cared about, it was only this grandmother.

He said softly, “Grandmother, grandson is unfilial.”

On the other side of Nebula Dew Mirror, a pair of slender hands supported the old woman. A crisp voice sounded like an oriole coming out of the valley, “Old lady, don’t be sad anymore. Didn’t Cousin Yu contact you now? If you still cry again, Cousin Yu will be sad too?”

The old woman wiped away her tears, then she calmed down under the girl’s persuasion and sat down in front of the Nebula Dew Mirror.

After the old woman left the mirror, Nangong Yu quickly saw the scene in front.

There were quite a few people sitting in front of Nebula Dew Mirror this time.

Several of his uncles, except the most useless third uncle Nangong Xin, all came. Even the current family master of the Nangong Family, his second uncle Nangong Hua, was sitting right in front of Nebula Dew Mirror and looked at him with sharp eyes.

The one supporting the old lady was a beautiful young girl who looked only 17 years old, but her cultivation had already reached the Nascent Soul Stage. Even in Siam Continent, she was a very rare talent.

Nangong Yu had never seen this girl before, and he didn’t care about her. On the contrary, the girl, who saw Nangong Yu’s handsome face and sensed that unfathomable cultivation, couldn’t help but lower her face with a blush.

As soon as Nangong Hua sat down, he said in a dignified manner, “Yu’er, I heard that you have already broken through to the Soul Splitting Stage. Now that you can challenge the tribulation, shouldn’t it be time to return to Siam Continent? You’re also a member of the Nangong Family, shouldn’t you come back early and contribute to the Nangong Family?”

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