Chapter 1490: Ashamed Into Anger

Chapter 1490: Ashamed Into Anger

Father hated the Yun Family and those from the Lou Family the most. He hated them so much that he didn’t hesitate to perish together with them.

Now these people actually have the face to tell me that my father has arranged a marriage for him with a girl from the Yun Family? What an absurd joke.

However, Nangong Hua was still condemning, “Over the years, there have been countless high rank martial artists who wanted to marry Jingxue, but she has been devoted to you. You can’t let her down.”

Yun Jingxue lowered her head shyly.

Qing Long, who was standing behind Nangong Yu, was already full of anger when he heard this.

He had always hoped that his master would return to Siam. After all, his master’s parents were originally from Siam, so he always had respect for the Nangong Family on the Siam Continent.

However, when he came into contact with them today, he didn’t expect these people to be so greedy and shameless!

Qing Long was about to say something when the door of the room was pushed open suddenly. Butler Nan walked in angrily, pointed at the Nebula Dew Mirror and scolded, “Second Master, how can you talk nonsense like this? When our Master and Madam were alive, they said that no marriage should be arranged for young master when he is an adult. They wouldn’t even let him marry the woman of the Yun Family and Lou Family. How could young master have a fiancée?!”

After Nangong Hua’s lie was exposed on the spot, his face turned green and red immediately. He looked at Butler Nan fiercely, and he even used coercion, “You old fool, do you have the right to speak here? Do you believe…”

The value of Nebula Dew Mirror was that some fundamental essence and spiritual attacks could penetrate time and space.

Butler Nan was no more than a Gold Core Stage. Now that he was being oppressed by the spiritual pressure of a Soul Splitting Stage master, his face couldn’t help turning pale.

Nangong Yu stood in front of Butler Nan and squinted slightly, then Nangong Hua suddenly widened his eyes with fear. A bead of sweat slowly slid down from his forehead.

Nangong Yu sneered and said, “Second uncle, are you ashamed into anger that your lies have been exposed?”

Before Nangong Hua could speak again, Nangong Yu said coldly, “I’ll say it again. Don’t say that my parents will never make such a marriage contract for me, even if there is a marriage contract, it has nothing to do with me.”

“The only one I want to marry is Xi Yue. If anyone dares to stop me, I will make him pay a terrible price! Even you, my dear uncles, will be the same!”

For a moment, the Nebula Dew Mirror was completely silent.

Everyone in the Nangong Family had livid faces and eyes full of anger, but the strength Nangong Yu just showed made them realize how terrifying this man was. They didn’t dare to act rashly.

Old Lady Nangong coughed lightly, breaking the silence, “Yu’er, don’t be angry. Your second uncle also wanted to remind you because he is worried that you would be cheated.”

Seeing Nangong Yu’s gloomy face, the old lady immediately said with a gentle and kind expression, “However, if Yu’er really thinks she is a good girl, then I will definitely support you,. After all, the most important is that Yu’er you truly like her.”

As soon as the old lady said this, Yun Jingxue’s face turned pale in an instant. She couldn’t help but whisper with sobs, “Old lady.”

Hearing this, the old lady patted her little hand lightly and gave her deep eyes, but she didn’t say much.

Nangong Yu’s originally gloomy face eased a lot, and he smiled slightly, “Grandmother, Xi’er is the person I chose. I believe that you will also like her.”

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