Chapter 1491: Good Way

Chapter 1491: Good Way

As for the others, even if they had the same surname as Nangong, they had nothing to do with him!

The image on the Nebula Dew Mirror disappeared, and Qing Long moved the treasure back.

Butler Nan looked at his master’s indifferent face, but he felt pain in his heart.

Although Master didn’t show any emotion, I knew that the master is once again more disappointed with that family.

When Old Master and Madam were killed, Young Master was still a naive child.

Before, he would laugh and make trouble, but in the blink of an eye, he IS as cold as ice. He no longer shows other expressions on his face.

While Young Master was hiding his strength and pretended to get along well with the Feng Family, he also wants to investigate the truth about the deaths of Master and Madam.

For so many years, before meeting Miss Xi Yue, Young Master had never really smiled happily.

Now that Young Master is finally able to marry Miss Xi Yue, the Nangong Family actually wants to meddle in his marriage. They even got him a fiancee with ill intentions.

It’s like they don’t want Young Master to have a good life at all.

Nangong Yu squinted suddenly, tapped his fingers on the table, and suddenly said in a deep voice to Qing Long who just came in, “I have a task for you.”

Qing Long bowed and listened to his orders. After Nangong Yu finished his words, Qing Long opened his mouth slightly, showing a shocked expression.

Butler Nan immediately smiled delightfully. He immediately said, “Young Master, this is a good way! Just let everyone know that you are going to marry Miss Xi Yue. When the time comes, the marriage has been done. Let’s see what kind of trouble can the people of the Nangong Family with malicious intentions make.”

Qing Long gave Butler Nan a complicated look. He couldn’t help complaining secretly in his mind: You only know that this is a good way to deal with Nangong Family, but you don’t know that Master hasn’t even successfully proposed yet.

When the news of the marriage is spread to everyone, the princess…

Qing Long shuddered, but he bowed his head and went to execute the order.


After returning from the magical beast forest, Hexi’s days returned to a rare calm.

The amount of books in Miracle Healer Academy’s library really surprised her, especially the materials on medical skills and pill refining. They could make up for her lack of foundation and experimentation.

Moreover, Hexi always felt that those academy elders were treating her inexplicably well now.

They let her read the books for free, use the spirit stones for free, vacate the best pill refining room for her, and even assign the elite elders and branch deans to teach her every day.

One day, just after the class, Dean Huang couldn’t help but excitedly said, “Xi Yue, a genius like you should come to learn how to forge weapons! How can you be a pill refiner? It’s really a waste of talent! If you learn about forging, you will definitely become the best forge master!”

Hexi had a headache while listening to Dean Huang’s nagging.

This was not the first time that Dean Huang asked her to change to forge weapons. Uhm… It should be said that this was not the first elder who asked her to change to learn other skills.

For some reason, after unlocking the first level of the wood source, Hexi found that she was learning quickly and easily now.

But she has always known that skill lies in proficiency rather than the number of skills. For her, the most important and most interesting thing was always the art of healing and poisoning.

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