Chapter 1492: Congratulations

Chapter 1492: Congratulations

As for other skills such as forging, array, and planting, she only seemed to know a little superficially. First, it would help her medical skills. Second, they would also have a life-saving effect at critical moments.

As Dean Huang was talking excitedly, Li Chengqun’s angry voice suddenly came from the side, “What are you talking about? Xi Yue’s talent in array is obviously better. Xi Yue, listen to me, if you want to give up medical Skills and pill refining, come and learn array from me. I have never accepted any disciple. You are the first one! What is there to learn in such boring forging skill!”

Dean Huang had always been the best tempered, but when it came to forging, his temper immediately exploded, “Your temper is bad like a cow. Why are you accepting disciple? Xi Yue will be ruined if he follows you…”

Hexi looked at the 2 deans who were arguing like children, pressed her aching temples, and quietly backed away.

As soon as she turned the corner, she breathed a sigh of relief. Then, Wei Chengyuan’s laughter came into her ears, “It seems that being too popular is not a good thing!”

Hexi rolled her eyes at him angrily, “It seems that you have been very idle recently.”

Wei Chengyuan touched his nose with a smile and took out a jade box for her.

Hexi raised her eyebrows, “This is?”

“It’s… a new year gift from Venerable Hui Yue.” Wei Chengyuan paused with a deep smile. “Venerable Hui Yue also specifically said that this gift is not considered as a reward for your life-saving grace, but as an elder’s gift. Please accept it.”

Hexi opened the jade box and took a look. Inside was a delicate and beautiful purple jade hairpin. It had a luster. Complicated array runes could be faintly seen.

Hexi’s mouth twitched. What does Venerable Hui Yue mean? Knowing that I’m now disguised as a man, he even gave me a girl’s accesory. No matter how beautiful this purple jade hairpin is and how powerful the defensive array is, it is of no use to me.

Wei Chengyuan couldn’t help but poked his head to look at her, but Hexi had closed the jade box with a “snap” before Wei Chengyuan saw it.

Wei Chengyuan wondered, “What is it? So mysterious! Venerable specifically told me not to open it casually. Xi Yue, can’t you let me see it?”

Hexi glared at him. As she was about to speak, Lu Zhixi in a pink dress walked over gracefully not far away.

Seeing this woman, Wei Chengyuan immediately frowned with a disgusted expression.

After returning from the magical beast forest, Lu Zhixi was inexplicably absolved of her crimes. She was able to stay in Miracle Healer Academy like nothing happened.

Moreover, Lu Zhixi, who came back, seemed to be a different person.

In the past, no matter what her insides were like, her appearance was always dignified and beautiful like a noble fairy. People could only watch her from a distance.

But now Lu Zhixi exuded a seductive and enchanting aura with every gesture. She had seduced many young students in Miracle Healer Academy.

At this moment, several elites from the 4 upper courtyards surrounded her. As long as Lu Zhixi gave a wink, they would be overwhelmed with excitement as if they would die for her.

Lu Zhixi glanced at Hexi with a hint of deep jealousy in her eyes, but a soft smile evoked on her face instead, “Student Xi Yue, congratulations.”

Congratulations? Hexi raised her eyebrows.

Wei Chengyuan said directly in disgust, “Lu Zhixi, what are you planning again?”

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