Chapter 1493: Marriage News

Chapter 1493: Marriage News

Lu Zhixi glanced at Wei Chengyuan and sneered with pity and sarcasm, “Brother Wei, you stay by Xi Yue’s side with all your heart, but you don’t know that he doesn’t like you at all.”

“Although he is a man, he has high aspirations. Now he even hooks up with His Royal Highness King of Hell. Mister… Xi, am I right?”

Hexi frowned slightly, “What do you mean by that?”

Lu Zhixi smiled enchantingly, winked at the men around her, and said with a sneer, “Xi Yue, are you pretending to be stupid in front of me now? Nangong Yu actually wants to marry you, a toy boy, at all costs. He even announced your marriage news to the entire Miluo Continent. Are you happy now? Are you proud of getting His Highness King of Hell?”

“However, you never think that if Nangong Yu married a man, what kind of laughing stock would he become? You disregard the ethics and ruin Nangong Yu’s reputation. How dare you walk around in the Miracle Healer Academy like nothing happens? Even I’m ashamed of you!”

All the men around Lu Zhixi blushed. Although they agreed with Lu Zhixi’s words, no one dared to say anything more.

Xi Yue had established absolute prestige in Miracle Healer Academy, even if they didn’t completely surrender to her, few people dared to embarrass her face to face. Those who were severely slapped in the face in the past had taught them enough lessons.

Hexi was also taken aback by the words. Her expression froze for a while.

Marriage news spread throughout Miluo Continent? What the hell is this?


Siam Continent Divine Moon Palace.

Venerable Hui Yue listened to his subordinate Wei Jianxing’s report, and he said with a half smile: “I never thought that the Feng Family, which the Dark Night Clan put so much effort into supporting in the lower realm, would be wiped out so easily by that brat of the Nangong Family.” Yes. Hehe, I already had a high evaluation of him, but it seems that he is much more powerful than I imagined.”

“Should I say that he really deserves to be the son of Nangong Aotian?” Venerable Hui Yue said and shook his head with some emotion, “If there was no Nangong Aotian back then, the Nangong Family would have been a bottom-level existence in Siam Continent. They were even lower than the Feng Family that was the vassal of the Dark Night Clan. Now the Nangong Family is falling again, but this Nangong Yu is rising unexpectedly. Even I can’t see through him. He is really unfathomable…”

Yan Xiao, who looked rough and unsuspecting, smiled and said, “Who cares if this brat is unfathomable or not? Anyway, he doesn’t fight against us. We only need to watch the Dark Night Clan make a fool of themselves. I wonder how long can they wipe their ass clean. Hahaha…”

Wei Jianxing coughed lowly, interrupted Yan Xiao’s rude words, and continued: “There is another news. Nangong Yu from Miluo Continent released the news that he is about to marry Xi Yue of the Miracle Healer Academy as his wife. I heard that the Nangong Family in Siam Continent is furious over this. Especially because Nangong Hua originally wanted Nangong Yu to marry Yun Jingxue from the Yun Family.”

Venerable Hui Yue smacked his tongue and said dissatisfiedly, “Why is Nangong Yu so quick? I still want to introduce that little girl to my Zhen’er! Why did he announce the marriage before I could think of a way to break them?”

Wei Jianxing coughed again and again. Venerable, is it really okay for you to say so brazenly that you want to break up the couple?

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