Chapter 1494: Marry A Man?

Chapter 1494: Marry A Man?

Venerable Hui Yue is still dissatisfied, “Where is Zhen’er? I asked him to go down to Miluo to meet that little girl Xi Yue. Did he do that? Where did he go?”

Wei Jianxing rubbed his nose and smiled, “Venerable, Master Zhen said that he found a place to practice, and he has been away from the Divine Moon Palace for more than a month. Well, Master Zhen said that he is not interested in women, and he told… told you not to worry about it.”

Venerable Hui Yue called out “bastard” angrily, then he was taken aback and said with some hesitation, “Wait, when Nangong Yu announced the marriage news, did he mention whether Xi Yue is a man or a woman?”

Wei Jianxing was startled, then he murmured after a long while, “No one will think that the wife Nangong Yu is going to marry is a man… right?”

No one in Siam Continent knew who Xi Yue was, so naturally they didn’t doubt whether she was a man or a woman. As for Venerable Hui Yue, they already knew Xi Yue’s identity as a woman.

However, Wei Jianxing thought of Miracle Healer Academy. It seems… almost everyone in Miluo Continent has acquiesced that Xi Yue is… a man?

This… Thinking of the expression on the face of the Nangong Family when they thought Nangong Yu was going to marry a man, Wei Jianxing couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Then the Divine Moon Palace erupted into loud laughter, which confused the guards outside the palace.


The magical beast forest in Miluo Continent could be said to be the largest mountain range in the entire continent that spanned several countries.

In the northernmost corner, there was an inconspicuous small town named Huanan.

Huanan City was unknown to many people in the entire Miluo Continent. It was located in a remote place and did not belong to any country. The population was even more pitiful. The total number of people was less than a thousand, but few people know that this was the base of the Nangong Family in the lower realm.

They didn’t have any big tasks. Their purpose was to get intel in the lower world and report it to the Nangong Family in the Siam Continent. The most important news they wanted to investigate was about Nangong Yu.

The person in charge of guarding Huanan City was none other than Nangong Xin, who had the lowest cultivation level in the Nangong Family and was considered the most useless.

Nangong Xin was the younger brother of Nangong Hua with the same father and mother. Nangong Hua was handsome and tall while Nangong Xin was like a short winter melon. Not to mention he was ugly, he even had fat all over his body.

If he wasn’t at the Nascent Soul Stage early stage, with those sneaky mung bean eyes, he looked no different from a profiteer full of fat.

It was late afternoon at this time. The sun was shining outside. The palace was also bright.

But in the city lord’s sleeping hall, there were ecstasy crashing sounds, panting sounds, and moaning and crying that made people blush.

“Third Master, lightly~lightly… ahhhh! It’s too fast! Third Master, please spare me—!”

On Nangong Xin’s huge bed, a middle-aged man who was like a ball of meat pressed tightly against the body of a handsome young man. He kept banging the young man and making roars like a beast.

With tears on the young man’s face, he lay prone on the bed, moaning in pain and joy.

After a long time, Nangong Xin let out a loud cry, finally satisfied, and fell on the young man with a look of contentment.

The young man burst into a sweat on his bead. The stinky liquid and the smelly breath made the young man frown in anger, hatred and disgust, but he quickly suppressed it.

Nangong Xin’s weight was at least 200 catties. After being pressed by him for a long time, the young man could hardly breathe.

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