Chapter 1495: Nangong Xin’s Toyboy

Chapter 1495: Nangong Xin’s Toyboy

He showed a pitiful expression and said in a weak voice, “Third Master, you are so powerful. Bing’er almost couldn’t stand it. Can you let Bing’er go now?”

Nangong Xin had already intended to end it, but when Nangong Xin saw his lustful look, his desire was soaring again.

After about 300 rounds, there were hurried footsteps followed by a knocking on the door.

Nangong Xin was infuriated for being interrupted, “Get lost!”

This group of people is really getting more and more annoying. They dare to disrupt me when I was having fun. When I’m done, I will remove all these useless things.

Unexpectedly, the person who knocked on the door not only did not retreat, but he said anxiously, “Third Master, open the door quickly. It is a letter from Second Master, and it is very urgent.”

As soon as Nangong Xin heard that it was the letter from his second brother in the Siam Continent, he didn’t dare to neglect it.

He was able to enjoy such lustful life and rich resources due to the indulgence of his second brother.

Otherwise, with his Nascent Soul early stage cultivation, even in Miluo Continent, there were many people who were stronger than him, how could he be so carefree?

Nangong Xinchi crawled off the bed with his heavy body. The fat all over her body was shaking.

After getting off the bed, Nangong Xin stretched out his hand to touch the young man’s back and said with a lustful smile, “Little fairy, wait for me to come back. I will definitely satisfy you.”

After saying that, with a big belly, he slowly walked out of his bedroom.

The servant who sent a letter to Nangong Xin couldn’t help but look into the room.

Smelling the stench that filled the room and looking at the naked young man, he couldn’t help showing a contemptuous expression.

It’s fine that the Third Master of the Nangong Family doesn’t like women and likes young men, but he even indulged in sex every day. It’s really embarrassing for the Nangong Family. No wonder Master threw him to the lower realm.

After Nangong Xin and the servant left, the young man who was lying on the bed slowly got up.

The pitiful, well-behaved and docile look on his face just now had long since disappeared without a trace. His cold eyes stared at the direction in which Nangong Xin disappeared with deep loathing.

If there were people from Miracle Healer Academy here at this time, they could identify of this young man at a glance.

Tong Bing, the boy who the entire Miracle Healer Academy thought had died in the magical beast forest, unexpectedly appeared in the city lord mansion in Huanan City. He even became Nangong Xin’s toyboy.


In the conference hall, a middle-aged man in green clothes bowed to Nangong Xin casually and handed him an inscribed jade slip.

Miluo and Siam Continent couldn’t communicate with each other with ordinary communication talismans. Treasures such as Nebula Dew Mirror, there weren’t many of them even in the Siam Continent.

And this man in green clothes, named Zheng Luo, was Nangong Hua’s confidant. His strength had reached the early stage of the Soul Splitting Stage, so he could break through the barrier between the continents and deliver the letter to the Miluo Continent.

Nangong Xin shook his fat body and sat down on the chair. He was very dissatisfied with Zheng Luo’s inattention when facing him. Isn’t it just a dog of my second brother? What are you acting so arrogantly?

Nangong Xin read the inscribed jade slip with Divine Sense, then he frowned.

The order in this inscribed jade slip was very simple. It actually asked him to investigate Nangong Yu’s fiancée, but it even let him to ruin the marriage between Nangong Yu and his fiancée? Isn’t this asking me to court death?

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