Chapter 1496: Terrifying Nephew

Chapter 1496: Terrifying Nephew

Doesn’t second brother know that what I fear the most is that cold nephew? It is even more frightening than when I see second brother.

Nangong Xin couldn’t help thinking about the past.

At that time, Nangong Yu was only 16 years old and had just advance to the Gold Core Stage.

Nangong Xin took a fancy to a manservant of Nangong Yu and wanted to rape him forcibly. In the end, Nangong Yu saw it. He launched his flying sword and chased Nangong Xin for the entire continent.

The point was that Nangong Yu was only at the Gold Core Stage, and Nangong Xi was already at the Nascent Soul Stage, but he couldn’t fight against Nangong Yu at all.

He was slashed several times on his body. In the end, he knelt down and begged for mercy. He even brought out Nangong Xin’s mother to barely force Nangong Yu to stop.

After that, Nangong Xin never dared to provoke his terrifying elder nephew. Even the surveillance tasks ordered by Nangong Hua could only be carried out secretly.

It had been a long time since what happened back then, but thinking about it now, Nangong Xin felt that the old wounds were aching.

Thinking of this, Nangong Xin’s attitude toward Zheng Luo was very bad, “Second brother only gives this order? He only knows that Nangong Yu is going to marry a person called Xi Yue, and he has no other information? How do you want me to find this person? What’s more, even if I found this person, will Nangong Yu listen to me?”

It is better not to be able to find anything so that I don’t have to confront that lunatic Nangong Yu.

Zheng Luo said indifferently, “Don’t worry, Third Master. Second Master had ordered me to stay in Miluo Continent and assist Third Master at any time.”

That is to say, the investigation must be done and the marriage must be ruined?

Although Zheng Luo said he would stay, Nangong Xin was not happy at all. Nangong Yu had already left a deep trauma in Nangong Xin’s mind, which made him feel that even Zheng Luo, who was at the Soul Splitting Stage, might not be able to save him from Nangong Yu’s sword.

When Nangong Xin returned to his bedroom, his face was still sorrowful. He had no intention of indulging in sex.

He just frowned with distress and displeasure.

“Third Master, what’s the matter? Did someone make you angry?” The young man’s soft and slightly hoarse voice came from beside his ear.

Nangong Xin waved his hand irritably, but he did not speak.

A dark light flashed in Tong Bing’s eyes. His slender body squeezed into Nangong Xin’s arms, he hugged Nangong Xin’s thick and short neck, and he praised and comforted several times in a gentle and tender voice.

Originally, Nangong Xin would not tell these things to his toyboy, but this young man gave him harmless feeling, which made him relax his vigilance unconsciously.

Listening to Nangong Xin’s narration, Tong Bing’s face became more and more surprised, then it was twisted by jealousy and anger.

King of Hell Nangong Yu wants to marry Xi Yue? Isn’t he a man like me? Is Nangong Yu’s brain trampled by a magical beast and becomes an idiot?

Besides, doesn’t Xi Yue already have a lover? He not only seduces Xuan Mu, but he even seduces King of Hell Nangong Yu?

Wait, in the confinement space of the magical beast forest, when Xi Yue’s lover was swept away by the teleportation array.

The skin on his face seemed to be cracked, as if… a mask had been torn apart.

Could it be that the high cultivation but unremarkable bodyguard and lover next to Xi Yue is the King of Hell Nangong Yu?

Tong Bing gritted his teeth with hatred when he thought of the rumored Nangong Yu who was unparalleled handsome and had unfathomable cultivation.

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