Chapter 1497: Dogshit Plot

Chapter 1497: Dogshit Plot

Why? Why? As men, I’m no worse than Xi Yue. I’m even more dedicated, kind and pure than Xi Yue, but Xuan Mu and Nangong Yu will only look at Xi Yue. And I… can only be trampled by this fat pig?

Tong Bing took a deep breath, slowly covered up the resentment on his face, and then frowned. He looked at Nangong Xin with a naive look, “Third Master, are you sure you are not mistaken? The person King of Hell Nangong Yu wants to marry is Xi Yue? He won’t be the Xi Yue I’m thinking right?”

Nangong Xin was taken aback, “What? Bing’er, you know Xi Yue? Tell me quickly, which family she is from? I have been in Miluo Continent for so many years, why haven’t I heard of any family with the surname Xi? “

Tong Bing bit his lips hesitantly.

Under Nangongxin’s urging, Tong Bing said, “If the Xi Yue that Third Master mentioned is the Xi Yue I know. Then…then Xi Yue is not a woman, but a man. Are you sure, Third Master? How could King of Hell marry a man?”

“What?!” Nangong Xin jumped up from the bed, “You said Xi Yue is a man? How is this possible?!”

Tong Bing seemed to be scared by Nangong Xin. His eyes were slightly red, and he said with a sobbing and sad voice, “Third Master, Bing’er has always been very grateful to you for picking Bing’er back from the magical beast forest. Otherwise, Bing’er would have died tragically in that forest long ago. Does Third Master want to know who caused Bing’er to end up in a miserable state?”

What Nangong Xin cared most about now was whether Nangong Yu was going to marry a man or a woman, so he wanted to scold: I don’t care who harmed you as long as I have enough fun with you.

But when he saw Tong Bing looking at him with tears in his eyes, he still restrained himself and said, “Who hurt you?”

“It was that Xi Yue!”

As soon as Tong Bing said this, Nangong Xin was taken aback, “What do you mean by that?”

“Third Master, I was originally a student of Miracle Healer Academy. Then, I discovered Xi Yue’s misbehavior. He obviously had a lover, but he still flirted with the man in his dormitory, and even he had sex with him.”

“I originally wanted to expose Xi Yue, but Xi Yue found out. When we were training, he set me up with a trap in the magical beast forest. If Third Master didn’t help me, I would be dead for nothing.”

Nangong Xin’s face was sluggish. The dogshit plot completely exceeded his expectations.

I thought Nangong Yu would marry a beautiful lady from a great family, but he is actually going to marry a man? What’s more, the man is such a ruthless and promiscuous person?

Tong Bing wiped his tears. His body trembled slightly as if he couldn’t bear the pain of being framed. He said in a choked voice, “Now that I heard what Third Master’s words, I finally know that Xi Yue’s lover is King of Hell Nangong Yu. No wonder he wanted to kill me; no wonder he was so afraid of being exposed about his scandals. If His Highness King of Hell knew about his scandal, His Highness King of Hell might not want him.”

Nangong Xin regained consciousness. Listening to Tong Bing’s words, his mung bean eyes became brighter and brighter.

I was still worrying about how to separate Nangong Yu and his fiancée.

In the end, the fiancée is not a woman, but a “man”?

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