Chapter 1498: Laugh Out Loud

Chapter 1498: Laugh Out Loud

Haha, our Nangong Family is a respectable family. Of course it doesn’t matter if we play with men, but who dares to marry a man? Isn’t this making the Nangong Family a joke in the entire Immortal Realm?

In this way, not to mention that Nangong Hua will not agree to the marriage, even the old lady and everyone in the world will not let Nangong Yu do it.

If I release the news that the man is flirtatious and promiscuous again, the marriage will be over without me ruining it.

Nangong Xin really got more and more excited as he thought about it. He grabbed Tong Bing’s hand and asked, “Is it true?”

Tong Bing nodded again and again, “I used to live in the same dormitory as Xi Yue, and no one knows him better than me, so how can I make a mistake?”

“Third Master, Nangong Yu is your nephew. You have saved Bing’er’s life. How can Bing’er let your cousin be deceived by such a person? Xi Yue, he… hooks up with any man. How can such a person be worthy of His Royal Highness King of Hell?”

“Okay!” Nangong Xin became happier the more he listened. He said, “We will go to Miracle Healer Academy and meet this man whom my nephew chooses.”

Tsk tsk, Nangong Yu would be fascinated by a man? I heard that he is even 17 years old, which is my favorite type. If I can play for a while, I wonder how wonderful is it.

Didn’t Tong Bing say that he is promiscuous? I believe that as long as I show my identity as one of the Nangong Family, he will obediently lie on me. As long as he thought of playing Nangong Yu’s person, his blood was boiling.

Tong Bing looked at the greed in Nangong Xin’s eyes, and a sharp and crazy light flashed in his eyes.

Back then, he wanted to devour Xi Yue’s spiritual power and talent, but Xi Yue devoured his vitality instead.

When he was left to die in the magical beast forest, everyone thought he was dead.

A few days later, a beastkin that had just transformed passed by him, thinking that he was a student of Miracle Healer Academy. He had heard that Xi Yue from Miracle Healer Academy was the savior of the beastkin clan, so he kindly treated him.

Tong Bing devoured his beastkin power and vitality without hesitation at the time of life and death.

Although he took advantage of the beastkin’s kindness again, Tong Bing felt that he was still kind and pure. After all, beastkins and humans were different. Only a vicious person like Xi Yue would be ruthless to him, but Xi Yue treated the beastkins better.

However, Tong Bing was seriously injured. Even after devouring the little beastkin’s vitality, he was still weak. He fled to the edge of the magical beast forest and passed out, but he was finally picked up by Nangong Xin.

When Tong Bing woke up, he found that he was being raped by this fat scum, Nangong Xin.

He was unwilling, resisted, and even called Brother Xuan Mu for help, but in the end, he still couldn’t avoid a miserable fate. He hated Xi Yue even more for making him fall into such a fate.

So after waking up again, Tong Bing changed his previously resistant attitude. Instead, he flattered Nangong Xin.

He wanted to stay alive and become stronger. He must return to Miracle Healer Academy and take revenge on Xi Yue and those who bullied him and ruined him in Huang Medical Academy.

But now, the opportunity he had been waiting for for a long time finally arrived.

As long as he thought that Xi Yue would be raped by the scum, Nangong Xin, Tong Bing trembled with excitement. He almost couldn’t help wanting to laugh out loud.

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