Chapter 1499: Act Before Informing

Chapter 1499: Act Before Informing

Nangong Yu was going to marry a man as wife.

This news swept through the entire Miluo Continent like a hurricane.

Who was Nangong Yu? That was the only 20 years old Nascent Soul Stage martial artist in Miluo Continent. He was the god of war known to everyone in the world.

Who was Xi Yue? If we were together years ago, some people might not know her.

But now, Shengde Hall’s branches had opened all over the world. The best quality pills sold in Shengde Hall and Qingxia Sect had attracted many martial artists. Everyone knew that those best quality pills came from the young Miracle Healer Xi Yue.

And now, King of Hell Nangong Yu actually wanted to marry Xi Yue as his wife?

This… This was a jaw-dropping news.

The students and elders of the Miracle Healer Academy even wanted to find out more about it.

However, unlike other people who thought Nangong Yu was blind for wanting a man instead of a woman, the people in Huang Medical Branch felt even injustice for Hexi.

“Lu Zhixi, that black-hearted bitch, is now spreading rumors outside all day long, saying that Xi Yue seduces King of Hell Nangong Yu. She even says that Xi Yue is willing to be a lowly toyboy. Bah, is there anyone meaner than her in the entire Miluo Continent? She is just being jealous!”

Qian Dazhuang and the others gathered together in Hexi’s small dormitory. They cursed angrily.

Zhang Yi clenched his fists and said angrily, “Why do people say that Brother Xi Yue seduced that King of Hell? It was clear that King of Hell wants Xi Yue himself.”

“Yeah! With ur Xi Yue’s talent and worth, does he need to seduce others? How many men and women are fond of Xi Yue in the Miracle Healer Academy! So what if he is King of Hell Nangong Yu? He is no better than our Senior Xuan Mu!!” This was said by Xi Yue’s fan.

“But I think His Royal Highness King of Hell and Brother Xi Yue are a perfect match. As long as they like each other, what does it matter if they are both men.” This person believed in love.

Hexi pressed her forehead. I’m already annoyed enough!

Jin Zeyu looked at Xi Yue and ignored the cursing of the people around. He whispered, “Xi Yue, is this true? If it is King of Hell’s unilateral intention, I can find a way for someone to clarify .”

Hexi frowned. Her mind was also overwhelmed.

When she heard Jin Zeyu’s words, she thought for a moment and said calmly, “If there is only 1 person who I can live with for the rest of my life, this person can only be Nangong Yu.”

Jin Zeyu’s eyes flickered. He nodded immediately, “I understand what you mean.”

After returning from the magical beast forest, Jin Zeyu did not leave Huang Medical Branch. He began to take charge of the Academy Student Council again. And Lu Zhixi was dismissed directly by Deputy Dean Jiang.

Therefore, he had great authority to control the academy’s public opinion.

After Jin Zeyu and others left, Hexi took out the inscribed jade slip that Nangong Yu asked Boundless Blackmarket to send over. She showed an angry and funny helpless expression.

There was only one sentence in the inscribed jade slip. It wasn’t words, but Nangong Yu’s deep and magnetic voice as if it was blended with deep affection, “I only want to be with one person in this life: hold hands until we get old, be husband and wife, love without doubt. Xi Yue, I want everyone in the world to know that that person… is you!”

“This bastard…” Hexi carefully put away the inscribed jade slip and murmured in a low voice, “It’s clear that he acted before informing me. He doesn’t want to give me the opportunity to reject!”

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