Chapter 1500: The Return of Ouyang Haoxuan

Chapter 1500: The Return of Ouyang Haoxuan

Qing Luan, who was standing by the side, saw that everyone had left, then she said in a low voice, “Miss, why did Master say that he wants to marry Xi Yue? Everyone in the world knows that Xi Yue is a man. If Master says that he wants to marry Nalan, wouldn’t it save a lot of trouble?”

“Nalan Hexi is dead.” Hexi shook her head. On this point, her thoughts were exactly the same as Nangong Yu’s, “From now on, Xi Yue is my name. Nalan Hexi and Nalan Family have never been related to me. You must remember this.”

Qing Luan was startled. She immediately remembered the previous incident.

The man in red clothes razed the Nalan Mansion in the blink of an eye.

Qing Luan still remembered that she asked Bai Hu afterward how powerful the man in red clothes was.

Bai Hu said that even with the power of Master, he couldn’t wipe out the entire Nalan Mansion without leaving a single brick.

Why did such a powerful man in red clothes go to Nalan Mansion? He was probably looking for Miss. We don’t know if he is an enemy or a friend. If it is someone who has ill intention against Miss, then there will be big troubles.

Qing Luan immediately nodded with a serious expression, “Miss, I understand.”

Hexi was about to ask her about the specific news that Nangong Yu had spread in Miluo Continent, then she suddenly felt something in Divine Sense and raised her eyebrows.

This is the master-servant blood pact of me and Ouyang Haoxuan? Ouyang Haoxuan has come to Miracle Healer City?

Hexi thought for a moment, took Qing Luan with him, quickly left Miracle Healer Academy, and came to Shengde Hall in Miracle Healer City.

As soon as she entered Shengde Hall, she heard Bai Hu’s nervous voice, “My God, how did you end up like this? Who did this to you.”

Hexi’s heart tightened. As soon as she entered the door, he met Ouyang Haoxuan’s calm and smiling eyes.

It was just that his current appearance had nothing to do with being calm.

His white robe was stained with blood, crumpled, and had several holes.

His face was even more frighteningly pale. Hexi could feel his disordered and weak aura without checking his pulse or spiritual power.

The most shocking thing was that one of his arms was empty, and a large amount of bloodstain on the severed sleeve. It was obviously cut off by someone.

Hexi’s face turned grim in an instant. She took a step forward and stuffed a medicinal pill into Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth.

Her voice was cold and frightening, “Who did this to you?”

Hexi had always been extremely protective to her people. She wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt them. It applied to Xiao Li, Xi Jia, Ouyang Haoxuan, Gu Liufeng, etc.

When the medicinal pill took effect in Ouyang Haoxuan’s body, his pale face immediately looked better. His disordered aura also recovered slowly.

Ouyang Haoxuan smiled slightly and said, “I chased Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen all the way to the extreme northern ice land. The journey was too far. In order to replenish spiritual power, I have almost used up all my medicinal pills.”

Hexi frowned, “Feng Lianying hurt you? Impossible, Feng Family people don’t have such abilities.”

She could tell at a glance that Ouyang Haoxuan’s current cultivation had broken through the Nascent Soul Stage.

Hexi was not surprised at all. After merging Fire Element Spirit Pearl, Ouyang Haoxuan’s fire attribute improved at an unimaginable speed. He had already reached the edge of advancement. Coupled with several months of training in the Thousands Years Flame Cave, It was normal for him to advance to the Nascent Soul Stage.

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