Chapter 1501: Back To Academy

Chapter 1501: Back To Academy

Ouyang Haoxuan shook his head with a faint chill in his dark eyes, “Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen are both dead. It wasn’t them or the Feng Family who hurt me, but Feng Lianying’s master.”

Feng Lianying’s master?

Hexi suddenly remembered the voodoo Gu that she was affected by in the Breaking Spirit Mountain that day.

Her pupils shrank suddenly as she said slowly, “Thousand Poison Valley Valley Master?”


Nangong Xin walked swaggeringly in the Miracle Healer Academy. He held the slender boy in his arms with one hand while touching the boy’s slippery cheek with the other fat hand from time to time.

A pair of mung bean eyes kept turning around, with an indescribably excited and wretched expression.

This Miracle Healer Academy is indeed a place where young geniuses gather. Walking in the academy and looking around, all I see are handsome young men who give me an unbearable itch.

If I wasn’t on a mission and there are some powerful forces behind Miracle Healer Academy, I would have raped those young men like a hungry tiger.

The young man nestled in Nangong Xin’s arms was wearing a snow-white mask with a pattern of vines on it, revealing only a small delicate mouth. He didn’t look weird, but looked rather tender and charming.

However, When the Miracle Healer Academy students saw the fat Nangong Xin hugging the young man, they couldn’t help but spit and show a disgusted expression.

The boy who was held in Nangong Xin’s arms was naturally Tong Bing.

He originally thought that it would not be easy to mix into the Miracle Healer Academy with Nangong Xin. After all, Miracle Healer Academy had a defensive barrier that rejected outsiders.

Nangong Xin smiled with disdain when he heard his worries, “Just an academy in the lower realm. It’s an honor for people of our Nangong Family to visit it. How dare a shitty academy not allow me, Nangong Xin, to visit? They aren’t afraid of me wiping out their existence?”

Sure enough, as soon as Nangong Xin showed his identity, no matter how much dissatisfaction Jin Licheng and Deputy Dean Jiang had, they still had to agree to his request and arrange him to the newly renovated Mojing Pavilion.

Deputy Dean Jiang endured the anger in his heart, and he repeatedly asked Nangong Xin to stay in the Mojing Pavilion and not to walk around the Miracle Healer Academy at will, so as not to frighten the students.

But Nangong Xin ignored Deputy Dean Jiang’s words and appeared in the academy swaggeringly. He even hugged the toy boy, Tong Bing.

Tong Bing felt the disgusted eyes of the people around him, and resentment surged in his heart.

But thinking that Xi Yue would receive the same treatment in the near future and even be rejected by everyone, Tong Bing forgot about the current discomfort.

“Third Master, this is Huang Medical Branch. Xi Yue is one of Huang Medical Branch’s students.”

Nangong Xin squinted his eyes. The fat on his face moved.

Huang Medical Branch was located in a relatively remote place of Miracle Healer Academy. The spirit was not strong, and the appearance of the young men was worse.

He was looking around while frowning. Suddenly, he saw someone that petrified him.

In the dormitory area of ​​Huang Medical Branch not far away, a young man wearing a blue and white Miracle Healer Academy uniform was slowly walking toward them.

Even though it was the most common college costume, it felt as bright as the moon and as beautiful as jade when worn on the young man’s body.

The young man’s facial features were so exquisite as if they were sculpted by a skillful master. Even the best painter couldn’t depict 30% of his charm.

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