Chapter 1502: Peerless Young Man

Chapter 1502: Peerless Young Man

The young man’s skin was as white as snow. Under the sun, it seemed to project a luster, which made people want to touch it with their own hands, but they were afraid that it will melt if they touched.

The young man’s expression was as cold as ice, but it made people feel even more aloof and pure like snow on the high mountain. It was completely different from the gaudy and vulgar of other ordinary people.

Nangong Xin’s eyes were dull. While staring straight at the boy who was getting closer and closer, his mouth was drooling.

How can there be such a handsome young man in this world? How can there be a young man who is more crystal clear than the legendary fairy?

If this young man was mine… if I could trample him under my body…

Nangong Xin drooled even more, and his eyes almost burst into flames.

If I had to give up other toy boys for him, I would be willing!

Seeing the young man getting closer and closer, Nangong Xin thought he was looking for him. The fat on his face suddenly piled up, revealing an obsessed and fawning expression.

But the next moment, the young man completely ignored them and walked past them.

“Wait… wait a minute!”

Nangong Xin snapped back to his senses, threw Tong Bing away from his arms, and rushed toward the young man.

However, before his hand touched the young man, his vision blurred, and he missed the hand.

Nangong Xin’s obese body staggered a bit, and he looked up with a surprised gaze.

The young man had appeared not far away, looking at him with unkind eyes.

Seeing the young man’s unparalleled handsome face, Nangong Xin drooled again. His mung bean eyes narrowed. They were full of desire and greed.

He sneered while sucking his saliva, “Little beauty, as long as you go back with me and become my people. I, Third Master, will promise you a prosperous future. Even if you want to go to heaven, I will also bring you there.”

“Who is this fat pig? He’s actually drooling at Xi Yue!”

Qian Dazhuang, who was walking beside Hexi, was almost disgusted by Nangong Xin’s expression and eyes, “Hey, fat pig, are you tired of living? Who do you think you are? Is Miracle Healer Academy the place you can act shamelessly?”

Jin Zeyu frowned, quickly found someone to block Hexi, and said coldly, “Who are you? Why have I never seen you before? Don’t you know that not anyone can break into Miracle Healer Academy? “

Nangong Xin couldn’t see the beautiful young man, so he woke up immediately, only to notice that a group of people following the beautiful young man were pointing and cursing at him. They even blocked the beautiful young man, which immediately made him furious.

“What are you guys? Dare to stand in my way? Do you believe I could kill you all right now? Get lost. I’m talking to the little beauty. Who are you to intervene?”

Nangong Xin was about to step forward, then Tong Bing at the side suddenly stepped forward, grabbed him, and whispered in his ear, “Third Master, that person is Xi Yue!”

Xi Yue? Which Xi Yue?

Nangong Xin was taken aback for a moment, then his eyes widened suddenly.

Xi Yue, the man Nangong Yu is going to marry?! The peerless and beautiful young man I want to own is actually Xi Yue?!

Nangong Xin was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped.

Now I can understand it. It turns out that Xi Yue has such an extraordinary demeanor and appearance. No wonder his icy nephew is so moved that he doesn’t even want women.

However, it will be troublesome if this beautiful young man is Xi Yue.

I understand my nephew very well. If I touch his people, won’t I be beaten into meat paste by him?

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