Chapter 1503: Daydream

Chapter 1503: Daydream

If this beautiful young man is someone from other lower realms, I can just rape him without scrupulous. But if he is Nangong’s future wife…

Tong Bing saw Nangong Xin’s hesitation, and a gloomy light flashed in his eyes. He whispered in Nangong Xin’s ear, “Third Master, this lustful Xi Yue has already hooked up with many people. If so His Royal Highness King of Hell knew about this, would he still be willing to marry such a man back?”

“What’s more, Third Master, you are from the upper realm. Your status is no worse than King of Hell. In the eyes of Bing’er, Third Master, you are a very strong person and someone who is worthy of relying on. I believe Xi Yue will also look at Third Master differently.”

Hearing this, Nangong Xin squinted his mung bean eyes again, and most of the hesitation in his mind disappeared immediately.

Tong Bing is right. Nangong Yu wants to marry Xi Yue, because he didn’t know that Xi Yue hooks up with other men. If he knows, would Nangong Yu still want such a young man? At that time, wouldn’t Xi Yue still be mine?

Thinking of this, Nangong Xin immediately smiled and walked toward the beautiful young man.

Qian Dazhuang blocked Nangong Xin and said with angry eyes, “I warn you. This is not a place where you fat pig can act wild…”

Before he could finish speaking, Nangong Xin’s fat palm swung toward him with great vigor.

He muttered, “Trash from the lower realm dares to block my way? Are you courting death!”

Qian Dazhuang was caught off guard. He only felt a strong force hit him, and he was thrown to the ground all at once.

Looking at this scene, Hexi squinted with a hint of murderous intent in her eyes.

Nangong Xin got closer to Hexi. Seeing her exquisite eyes and her snow-white and delicate skin, he felt more thrilled and captivated than when he saw from a distance.

He couldn’t help drooling and stretched out his hand toward the pretty face that made him fascinated, “Little beauty, let Third Master love you well!”

Seeing that the indecent pig hand was about to touch the cheek as smooth as white jade, a red and blue light flashed.

Nangong Xin only felt a sharp pain in the fingers, then he saw 3 of his chubby fingers were cut off by half.

Blood splattered all of a sudden, and the white fingers fell to the ground, seeming to bounce twice.

Nangong Xin’s whole body was stiff. Until the piercing pain at his fingertips spread through his entire body, he let out a miserable howl like killing a pig.

Not far away, Hexi looked at the howling Nangong Xin with a sneer. Her face was white as snow and her demeanor was elegant.

The Li Shui Sword in her hand floated in the air. The light of the sword was cold. It was not stained with a trace of dust or blood.

Nangong Xin howled for a while, withstood the pain, and took out the wound medicine from the storage ring and sprinkled it on.

Although the severed finger could not be regenerated, the pain and blood were stopped immediately.

Nangong Xin stared at Hexi with mung bean eyes and said with resentment, “Bitch, don’t be shameless! You are just a scumbag who can hook up with anyone. You really think you are noble.”

“Do you know who I’m? I’m Nangong Yu’s third uncle, Nangong Xin. You dare to hit me? Do you believe I’ll go back and let Nangong Yu take care of you right away! How dare you!”

Hexi squinted with a cold and mocking expression, “Oh? Nangong Xin, you are from the Nangong Family?”

Nangong Xin sneered, “Are you afraid now? Don’t forget that you are a man and a low-level martial artist from the lower realm. It’s just a daydream trying to marry into my Nangong Family!”

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