Chapter 1504: Beat Him Up

Chapter 1504: Beat Him Up

“If I say a few more bad things about you to my second brother, the current family master of the Nangong Family, saying that you seduced Nangong Yu, how long do you think you can live?”

As Nangong Xin said, he slowly approached Hexi. Seeing her unparalleled beauty, his heart was agitated. He couldn’t help showing a lewd and evil smile, and he said in a low voice, “However, if you please me well, maybe I will say a few good words to my second brother when I’m in a good mood… Even if you can’t marry into the Nangong Family openly, you can at least be my toy boy.”

Hexi showed a leisure smile.

This smile instantly diluted the original glamor on her face. The already beautiful face became more dazzling than the sun.

Looking at this smile, Nangong Xin was in a trance. He only had 1 thought: No wonder some people say that a smile can captivate a city; a smile can captivate a country. It turns out that there is really such a beauty in this world.

However, before Nangong Xin stretched out his hand, the smile on Hexi’s face had already turned into a cold chill.

Her slender figure soared into the air, and she kicked Nangong Xin hard in the chest.

At the critical moment, Nangong Xin only remembered to protect himself with spiritual power.

However, his fat body was still kicked far away.

His internal organ and blood in the body were tumbling. Nangong Xin felt dizzy for a while, and he couldn’t move for a long time.

Hexi sneered, “It turns out that the people of the Nangong Family are nothing more than that.”

“Zeyu, since he asks for it himself, we don’t have to be polite.”

A smile appeared in Jin Zeyu’s eyes, and he waved to the people behind him, “Beat him up!”

Nangong Xin just wanted to get up and use spiritual power to let himself recover from the dizziness, but he was suddenly surrounded by a group of people.

A storm of punches and kicks followed.

Nangong Xin screamed in pain and rolled around.

He wanted to release the spirit pressure of his Nascent Soul Stage several times and wanted to cast his magic weapons.

However, whenever his spiritual power was running in dantian, there would be a more powerful and pure spirit pressure forcing back his spiritual power, dissipating the spiritual power that he condensed.

Hexi sneered and looked at Nangong Xin with a swollen face. Seeing that he wanted to resist, she directly launched a spiritual power at him.

“Xi Yue, how can you let someone humiliate Third Master like this? Don’t you have any sense of shame?”

A slightly hoarse voice came from the side.

Hexi turned around and saw a young man wearing a mask.

Hexi squinted her eyes. Although the young man’s voice was unfamiliar, this figure gave her a familiar feeling.

Before she could speak, Zhang Yi on the side had already snorted and said, “What are you?! Even you’re not ashamed of being a toy boy, why should Brother Xi Yue be ashamed?”

Tong Bing glanced at Hexi with resentful eyes.

When I was in the magical beast forest, Xi Yue’s cultivation was clearly at the Foundation Establishment stage. Even if he advances, he would be at the Meridians stage at best.

But now, not only has she advanced to the Gold Core Stage, but she can also completely suppress Nangong Xin at the Nascent Soul Stage.

Why? Why can Xi Yue not only seduce men, but he can also improve his cultivation so quickly? Why does God favor this man so much?!

Tong Bing hated Xi Yue to the extreme, but he quickly covered up his emotions and looked angry, “Xi Yue, I have already heard from Third Master about you and Nangong Yu.”

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