Chapter 1505: His Pleasure

Chapter 1505: His Pleasure

“People in the Nangong Family don’t want to recognize you at all. Haven’t you thought that if Nangong Yu marries a man like you, he will be laughed at by the world and even expelled from the family?” Tong Bing said angrily.

Hexi raised her eyebrows and said with a sneer, “The one who married me is Nangong Yu, not the Nangong Family. What does it have to do with people from the Nangong Family? What does it have to do with you, Nangong Xin’s toy boy?”

“You——!” Tong Bing’s face under the mask twisted for a while. He said hatefully, “Xi Yue, do you think that if you marry into the King of Hell Mansion, you will really be able to ascend to the upper realm? You are simply dreaming! As long as the Nangong Family doesn’t accept you, you are nothing! What’s the difference between you and a toy boy like me?!”

Hexi picked out her ears, squinted at him contemptuously, and sneered, “Excuse me, who said I’m going to marry into King of Hell Mansion? Maybe Nangong Yu will marry into my Shengde Hall?”

As soon as Hexi said this, everyone present burst into commotion instantly.

Qian Dazhuang and the others laughed out loud, “Hahaha, that’s right, who is our Xi Yue? He is a genius that Miracle Healer Academy has never seen since its establishment. Those who want to marry our Xi Yue can line up from the city gate of Miracle Healer City to the other end. It is King of Hell Nangong Yu’s honor to marry Xi Yue.”

Jin Zeyu also had a smile on his face. He waved his hand to make them stop beating Nangong Xin and smiled faintly, “With the talent and appearance of King of Hell Nangong Yu, he is worthy of our Xi Yue.”

Xi Yue’s diehard fans at Huang Medical Branch took it for granted.

However, the people from other branches went crazy after hearing that.

My God? Let Nangong Yu marry into Shengde Hall; marry to Xi Yue?

What does this mean? Could it be that Nangong Yu is going to wear a phoenix coronet and official robes and sitting in a bride’s sedan when marrying into Shengde Hall?

Everyone’s faces were distorted.

This picture was so beautiful that people couldn’t imagine it.

Qing Luan, who was following behind Hexi, even twitched her mouth.

Qing Luan had the same worry as Qing Long when she received news that her master was going to spread the news of his marriage with Miss to the entire Miluo Continent.

No one knows better than us that Master has not yet successfully proposed to Miss.

Master is so bold. If Miss gets angry, the consequences will be very serious.

But I never expected that it will be… such a consequence.

Among the people in the surrounding, some had distorted faces, some were refraining themselves from laughing, and some were fantasizing. Qing Luan felt that her master’s fame had been ruined in Miracle Healer Academy.

When Nangong Xin got up from the ground, his already fat head was swollen like a pig’s head. His clothes were messed up, his hair was messy, and his nose was bleeding. He looked even worse than a beggar.

“Xi Yue, great… just you wait! Since you want to take it the hard way, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“I’m going to inform my second brother and my mother right now what kind of slutty man Nangong Yu is going to marry. Let me tell you, what Nangong Yu listens to most is my mother’s words. As long as my mother doesn’t accept you, just wait to be rejected by Nangong Yu! You damn bastard!”

As soon as he finished cursing, Nangong Xin saw Hexi slowly raise the Li Shui Sword.

He screamed and ran away in a panic. He didn’t care about cursing anymore, and he didn’t even bring Tong Bing with him.

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