Chapter 1506: Changes In Cai Yu

Chapter 1506: Changes In Cai Yu

Tong Bing was stunned for a moment. The sinister and resentful thoughts turned one by one in his mind, then he quickly followed Nangong Xin.

Watching Tong Bing leave, Hexi slowly squinted her eyes.

This back view is really indescribably familiar!


Outside Spirit Extinct Valley.

Zhang Chong anxiously walked around outside the barrier, checking the barrier from time to time for any movement.

Dean Huang said impatiently, “Zhang Chong, can you stop turning around? I’m already dizzy because of you before Cai Yu comes out.”

Zhang Chong scratched his head in embarrassment, trying to calm himself down.

At this time, he and Dean Huang were waiting outside the Spirit Extinct Valley, waiting for Cai Yu to come out.

For Zhang Chong, Cai Yu was his benefactor, the closest person in Miracle Healer Academy except his younger brother. Just like his older brother.

He didn’t feel regret when he exposed Cai Yu’s framing of Xi Yue, but he was always full of guilt for Cai Yu who was thrown into Spirit Extinct Valley.

Now, Lu Zhixi’s true face was revealed, Cai Yu could finally be released. How could he not be excited?

While waiting anxiously, suddenly, the barrier in front of him fluctuated. A figure slowly walked out of the barrier.

Zhang Chong raised his head suddenly. His face was full of surprise and nervousness.

However, when he saw the person coming, his expression suddenly froze, then his eyes slowly turned red. His expression was full of guilt and distress.

The person who came out was naturally Cai Yu. Spirit Extinct Valley had a special enchantment, except for those with dean’s permission, no one was allowed to go through the barrier for his entire lifetime.

However, when Zhang Chong saw the person at first glance, he almost didn’t recognize that it was Cai Yu.

Because Cai Yu has changed too much.

The original gentle temperament like a nobleman disappeared without a trace, replaced by indifference and gloom emanating from the inside out.

His clothes were already in tatters, and his upper body was only wrapped in a shabby white singlet. His chest was bare, revealing a lot of horrific scars.

There was no spiritual power in the Spirit Extinct Valley, so the wounds couldn’t heal completely. Many scars would naturally be left over time.

“Brother Cai——!!” Zhang Chonghong rushed over with red eyes and was about to hug Cai Yu.

However, as soon as he touched Cai Yu’s body, he was startled. He stared blankly at Cai Yu’s arms.

Although his 2 hands were still there, they seemed to be dry and shriveled. Looking closer, he could only feel 2 dead branches wrapped in the empty sleeves.

“Brother Cai, your hands—!”

Cai Yu’s expression was indifferent as if it wasn’t his hands that turned into dry branches, “Oh, there are several Demon Slaughtering Lands in Spirit Extinct Valley. I accidentally fell into 1 of them, then my hands withered.”

The voice that came out was hoarse and indifferent as if what he was talking about was not his life or death, but a trivial matter.

Zhang Chong’s tears welled up all at once.

He wanted to ask who was so cruel to actually push Cai Yu in, but thinking of the darkness and horror in Spirit Extinct Valley, he couldn’t ask this question again.

The people inside were all lunatics. They would even eat human flesh in order to survive.

Dean Huang looked at Cai Yu’s skinny hand and felt uncomfortable.

He knew about the Demon Slaughtering Land. The evil aura would devour human flesh and spiritual power. Cai Yu was lucky to just lose 2 hands after falling into the Demon Slaughtering Land.

However, the hands that had been devoured were equivalent to useless. Not to mention refining tools, even the usual cultivation was a problem.

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