Chapter 1507: Feeling Pity

Chapter 1507: Feeling Pity

Thinking that Cai Yu who was talent in forging no longer had the hope, Dean Huang felt depressed for a while.

If I had known earlier, I should have been more determined and not let Cai Yu take the blame for Lu Zhixi and be sent to Spirit Extinct Valley.

Dean Huang took a step forward, patted Cai Yu’s shoulder, and said in a hoarse voice, “It’s good that you are out. I will find a way to solve your problem. If you don’t object, you can come to my Hong Medical branch, even if you can’t forge, you can also study runes with me. Besides, maybe there is a way to heal your hands!”

“Right!” Zhang Chong seemed to have thought of something, jumped up, grabbed Cai Yu, and said excitedly, “Let’s go find Xi Yue. He has such superb medical skills. He must be able to cure you! Isn’t it just Demon Slaughtering Land? Isn’t it just your hands withering? Xi Yue can even pull back people who are one foot stepping into hell…”

As Zhang Chong spoke, he was about to drag Cai Yu to the direction of Huang Medical Branch.

However, after a few drags, Cai Yu didn’t even move a step.

Zhang Chong said nervously, “Brother Cai, are you… are you afraid that Xi Yue will still blame you? Don’t worry, Xi Yue is a good person. As long as you are willing to admit your mistakes sincerely, Xi Yue will definitely be willing to treat you.”

Thinking of that amazingly talented young man, Cai Yu showed a complicated and guilty expression. He slowly shook his head, “No, now, I don’t want to see Xi Yue yet.”

The dirty things I did to frame Xi Yue cannot be erased by just saying that I’m manipulated by others. Having done such shameless things before, how can I have the face to let Xi Yue treat me now?

Zhang Chong held Cai Yu’s hand tightly and said in a sobbing tone, “Brother Cai, do you still blame me for exposing you? If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be sent to Spirit Extinct Valley, and you wouldn’t end up as such now… “

Cai Yu reached out and lightly pressed Zhang Chong’s shoulder, interrupting his words. He showed a cold smile as he said, “Zhang Chong, you don’t have to feel guilty. I should thank you instead.”

“If it weren’t for you, I might still be used like a fool. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t see clearly how stupid I was before.”

When the 3 were talking, they suddenly heard Lu Zhixi’s excited and affectionate voice not far away, “Cai Yu, Cai Yu! It’s really you! You finally came out. I’m so worried about you!”

When they looked over, Lu Zhixi, wearing a low-cut white dress with snow gauze, was walking gracefully toward them.

Her skin seemed to be white and transparent under the sun, and there were still slight tear stains on her face, which made people feel pity for her.

Beside her were a few students from 4 upper courtyards. Watching Lu Zhixi cry, their eyes were full of fascination and pity.

It seemed that as long as it could make her not cry, they were willing to take off the stars in the sky.

If Hexi was here at this time, she would have found that the group of boys surrounding Lu Zhixi had deepened their fascination with Lu Zhixi by several times. Now they basically obeyed the words of Lu Zhixi.

When Cai Yu saw the woman walking toward him with tears, his pupils constricted suddenly. His originally calm mood seemed to set off monstrous waves.

When Cai Yu was exiled to the Spirit Extinct Valley, Cai Yu still hoped that Lu Zhixi would remember his affection for her and come to save him.

But what waited in the end was a merciless murder.

The person who pushed him into Demon Slaughtering Land looked at him with a mocking face and told him condescendingly that Lu Zhixi didn’t want him to live, so he had to die.

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