Chapter 1508: Easy to Be Deceived

Chapter 1508: Easy to Be Deceived

Cai Yu struggled desperately in Demon Slaughtering Land, gave up both arms, swallowed the green bead that Dean Huang had given him, and finally escaped from danger.

At that time, he still didn’t believe that Lu Zhixi would be so ruthless to him.

However, a few days later, he met the person who pushed him into Demon Slaughtering Land again in Spirit Extinct Valley.

The killer sent by Lu Zhixi couldn’t leave Spirit Extinct Valley because he was holding a fake map (the map was changed by Xiao Li), so he yelled at Lu Zhixi.

Cai Yu subdued him, tortured him to extract a confession, and finally learned all the truth about the matter.

Lu Zhixi was really so ruthless and vicious that not only made him take the blame, but she even wanted to silence him forever.

This is the woman I had loved deeply for 3 years and is willing to give everything for her.

As soon as Zhang Chong saw Lu Zhixi, his expression immediately turned cold. He said with disgust, “What are you doing here? Do you want to harm Brother Cai even more?”

Zhang Chong’s unceremonious tone made Lu Zhixi’s followers look angry.

But Lu Zhixi stopped them from retorting. She looked at Cai Yu with tears in her eyes, “Cai Yu, are you blaming me too? Do you also think just like them that I hurt you?”

Zhang Chong’s face was full of anger, and he wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Cai Yu.

Cai Yu walked slowly toward Lu Zhixi.

Lu Zhixi felt proud for a moment. Seeing Cai Yu’s wasted hands and his regressed cultivation, contempt appeared in her eyes again.

If it was before, she wouldn’t pay attention to a useless person like Cai Yu.

But now that the Academy Student Council was firmly controlled by Jin Zeyu, her prestige in the academy was almost certainly gone. Cai Yu urgently needed the influence that Cai Yu once served as an officer of the Academy Student Council to help her handle affairs.

Fortunately, Cai Yu was just a dog that crawled completely under her feet, very easy to be deceived. As long as she hooked her fingers, he would obediently come over.

However, unexpectedly, Cai Yu walked past her without even looking at her.

Lu Zhixi felt a burst of resentment, and she quickly turned around and grabbed Cai Yu’s sleeve.

She clearly felt that when her hand touched Cai Yu, Cai Yu’s whole body was stiff. His eyes were closed tightly to avoid excitement and emotions overflowed.

Lu Zhixi knew right away that Cai Yu still had feelings for her, and she felt even more proud.

She put up an aggrieved and sad expression on his face, “Cai Yu, you don’t even know how many ways I tried to save you after you were imprisoned in Spirit Extinct Valley. But Xi Yue ruined all my attempts.”

“Because you framed Xi Yue, so he wants to put you to death, I… I… Seeing you like this now, you don’t know how painful I’m…”

When Zhang Chong heard that she had framed Xi Yue, he became furious immediately. He yelled at Lu Zhixi, “You black-hearted woman, you are the one who framed Brother Cai. Now you actually put the blame on Xi Yue. How vicious can you be…”

“Zhang Chong, keep your mouth clean!” Hearing that Zhang Chong insulted Lu Zhixi, those loyalists who had been fascinated by Lu Zhixi’s charm were outrageous, “Don’t think that Zhixi is kind-hearted, so you can humiliate her casually. Say 1 more sentence and don’t blame me for being rude!”

Zhang Chong really didn’t expect that after the real face of this bitch was exposed, someone would be deceived by her.

He was about to attack, but he was stopped by Cai Yu.

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