Chapter 1509: Mind Controlling Pill

Chapter 1509: Mind Controlling Pill

Cai Yu looked at Lu Zhixi with a painful face and said, “I don’t blame you, but with my current state, I’m no longer worthy of standing by your side.”

Lu Zhixi laughed wildly in her heart after hearing that. At the same time, she despised Cai Yu who looked like a waste to the extreme.

But her face was still full of sincerity. She even stepped forward to hold Cai Yu’s withered hands, “Cai Yu, you are so kind. I knew you will not blame me. However, because Miracle Healer Academy is now under the influence of Xi Yue, I’m no longer the president of the Academy Student Council…”

Saying that, Lu Zhixi showed a lonely and sad look, “Cai Yu, you will still stand by my side and help me like before, won’t you?”

A deep coldness flashed in Cai Yu’s eyes, but he said in a hoarse voice, “Of course.”

When Zhang Chong heard this, he was anxious, “Brother Cai, are you crazy? This woman has put you into such a miserable state, yet you still trust her and go back to help her? She is clearly using you Ah! Don’t be fooled by her!”

When Lu Zhixi heard the words, tears came to her eyes immediately. She murmured softly, “I know you all believe in Xi Yue now. Zhang Chong, I don’t blame you for betraying me and standing by Xi Yue’s side, but…how do you can you say that I frame Cai Yu?”

“Cai Yu, I specially obtained this precious muscle regen pill from my father. Although it cannot restore your cultivation and spells, your hands can recover as before. I’m willing to do so many things for you, how could I frame you?”

The men beside Lu Zhixi immediately glared at Zhang Chong.

If it was before, they would still be afraid that Zhang Chong was Xi Yue’s person and dare not say too much, but now they had been bewitched by Lu Zhixi and her voodoo temptation, obeying her command completely.

Several people even drew their long swords and were about to attack Zhang Chong.

The muscle regen pill was indeed very useful. As soon as he took it, his withered hands regained senses. Cai Yu gritted his teeth and pushed Zhang Chong away with a cold face, “Don’t talk anymore. I went back with Zhixi on my own accord. I don’t need to meddle in my matter. You should go back quickly!”

Zhang Chong was stunned for a moment. He murmured with widened eyes, “Cai Yu, what… what the mind controlling pill did this woman feed you?!”

Dean Huang also lowered his face and looked at Cai Yu coldly, “Cai Yu, you’d better think clearly. If you return to Hong Medical Branch with me now, I will still treat you as my favorite disciple. One day, you will make some achievements in forging…”

But before he finished speaking, Lu Zhixi sneered, “Dean Huang doesn’t have to worry. With the strength of our Doctors Association, I will arrange a better mentor for Cai Yu.”

“Yeah, how can a mere Hong Medical Branch be compared with our pioneer branch and Doctors Association?”

A burst of laughter and sarcasm made Dean Huang’s face turn green and pale.

Because of Lu Xuyang and the Doctors Association’s backing, now Lu Zhixi and her group were becoming more and more arrogant. They didn’t even put the elders in their eyes.

But because of Lu Xuyang, they could only let Lu Zhixi act arrogantly.

Cai Yu closed his eyes, turned around, and bowed deeply to Dean Huang, “Thank you Dean Huang for your concern, but I still decided to stay at the pioneer branch and stay with Zhixi.”

A smug smile appeared on Lu Zhixi’s face.

Dean Huang was full of disappointment. He shook his head and said, “It’s your choice!”

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