Chapter 1511: Crazy

Chapter 1511: Crazy

Lu Yun blinked, and a deep light flashed from her eyes, “Did you forget, Miss? You still have the old lady on your side. Nangong Yu listens to the old lady’s words the most. As long as you please the old lady well, tell her your deep affection for Nangong Yu, and analyze the pros and cons of marrying a lowly person, I believe the old lady must understand who is the best candidate for the granddaughter-in-law of the Nangong Family!”

Yun Jingxue rolled her eyes and revealed a sneer, “Lu Yun, change my clothes right away. I’m going to see the old lady.”


At the same time, Nangong Hua also received news about Nangong Yu’s marriage from the lower realm.

But he received not only the news that Nangong Yu was going to marry Xi Yue, but also a secret letter from Nangong Xin.

Originally, after hearing that Nangong Yu dared to disobey him and directly announced the marriage news, Nangong Hua was still full of anger, but when he saw the secret letter that Nangong Xin asked Zheng Luo to send, he looked astonished, then he laughed frantically.

“Is what Third Brother said true?” Nangong Hua looked at Zheng Luo with shining eyes, “My good nephew, is he really crazy now? He actually wants to marry a man as his wife?!”

A mocking smile flashed across Zheng Luo’s eyes. He nodded meaningfully and said, “I saw Xi Yue at Miracle Healer Academy with my own eyes. He is really a beautiful young man with an extraordinary demeanor. When the Third Master saw him, he couldn’t even move. I think Master Yu must have been seduced in the same way.”

Hahahaha…” Nangong Hua laughed again, feeling that the depression in his heart all the years had disappeared at this moment, “Nangong Aotian, I didn’t expect you to have such a day.”

“So what if you are talented, brave and invincible? The son you gave birth to is gay. It’s fine to hook up with a toy boy, but he even wants to marry a man. Hahaha, I wonder how you will feel after knowing that you Nangong Aotian will have no offspring!”

After Nangong Hua had a good laugh for a while, Zheng Luo reminded, “Patriarch, don’t forget. We have an agreement with the master of Thousand Poison Valley. No matter what, we still have to marry Miss Yun to Nangong Yu.”

Nangong Hua suppressed his smile and said with a sinister smile, “You’re right. I don’t care if he loves men or not, but he must marry Yun Jingxue as his wife. Otherwise, our Nangong Family will be in a difficult situation!”

“I didn’t know how to stop him from marrying a person from the lower realm before, but now I don’t have to worry about it. It’s fine for a man to play around. I don’t believe that he can really marry a man. Even if I agree, my old mother will not agree.”

Thinking of this, Nangong Hua also brought news and evidence to Old Lady Nangong’s room.


When Nangong Hua rushed to the door of the old woman’s room, he heard Yun Jingxue’s weeping sound from inside the room.

“Old lady, ever since I found out about the engagement with Cousin Yu, I have been thinking for Brother Yu and waiting for Brother Yu to marry Jingxue. Who in Siam Continent doesn’t know that I’m the future granddaughter-in-law of the Nangong Family, but who knows what I got was the news that Brother Yu is going to marry another woman.”

Wuuwuu, old lady, how can Jingxue still stay in Siam Continent after being abandoned like this? I might as well die…”

Upon hearing this, Nangong Hua immediately opened the door and went in.

He saw Old Lady Nangong look at Yun Jingxue with distress. She kept comforting her, “Jingxue, maybe there is some misunderstanding about this matter. Why didn’t Yu’er discuss it with me before he decides to marry a woman from the lower realm…”

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