Chapter 1512: Absurd

Chapter 1512: Absurd

“What woman!” Nangong Hua interrupted Old Lady Nangong all of a sudden, and he sneered, “Mother, you made a mistake. The person Nangong Yu wants to marry is not a woman, but a real man! A toy boy!”

“What—?!” 2 exclamations sounded in unison.

Yun Jingxue couldn’t believe her ears.

What is Nangong Hua saying? What does it mean that he is not marrying a woman, but a real man?

Nangong Yu is going to marry a man? Is he crazy?

Old Lady Nangong also had a frosty face, and she said coldly, “Don’t talk nonsense, Yu’er will have a limit to his nonsense. How could he marry a man as his wife?”

Nangong Hua knew that they didn’t believe it, and he immediately took out a picture scroll with a sneer.

This was painted by Zheng Luo just based on his impression. Zheng Luo not only had superb strength, but he was also a very skilled painter.

The picture scroll was spread out. What was painted on it was a handsome young man. Just looking at his exquisite facial features and awe-inspiring temperament, he was even more than Yun Jingxue.

According to Zheng Luo, his paintings haven’t yet depicted 50% of his beauty.

However, no matter how beautiful he was, he was still a man!

Old Lady Nangong trembled and said, “This… this is the person Yu’er is going to marry?”

Nangong Hua smiled gloatingly, “I heard that everyone in Miluo Continent knows about it now. This kid named Xi Yue is quite famous. Now people in the lower realm are laughing at Nangong Yu for marrying a man as his wife!”

“Absurd—!” Old Lady Nangong slapped the table hard.

The teacups on the table crackled and jumped, making a piercing knocking sound.

Old Lady Nangong’s face was full of anger. She gritted her teeth, “What is Yu’er thinking? He is the eldest son of our Nangong Family, and he is so outstanding. How can he marry a man as his wife? I absolutely disagree!”

Yun Jingxue and Lu Yun looked at each other. They both saw the mocking smile in each other’s eyes.

Yun Jingxue took Old Lady Nangong’s hand and said sadly, “Old lady, the most urgent task now is to prevent Cousin Yu from marrying a man. Cousin Yu listens to Old Lady Nangong the most. I believe you can dissuade him. Cousin Yu will definitely listen.”

“What’s more, how could Cousin Yu really like a man? It must be Cousin Yu who is seduced by this shameless fox. As long as we expose the true face of that shameless toy boy, Cousin Yu will definitely change his mind.”

“Yes!” Nangong Hua also smiled at the right time, “Yu’er is just too young and impulsive. When he sees someone who is pretty, he doesn’t care whether the person is male or female. In my opinion, Jingxue doesn’t look any worse than that toy boy at all. I believe that Yu’er will be attracted by Jingxue if he sees her.”

Old Lady Nangong also showed a smile on her face, patted Yun Jingxue’s hand, and said, “Yes, Jingxue, don’t worry. You are the only daughter-in-law of our Nangong Family. We will go to Miluo Continent now, and I will definitely make Yu’er marry you as soon as possible.”

“Old lady~” Yun Jingxue called out affectionately, nestling in Old Lady Nangong’s arms. Her face flushed.

But a fierce dark light flashed in her eyes.

Nangong Yu, this bastard wants a man and doesn’t want me! He let me Yun Jingxue become the laughing stock of the Siam Continent, and I still have to deliver myself to him.

That bitch Xi Yue too. He just can’t do anything else than a toy boy.

I will remember the humiliation these 2 people gave me. I will definitely pay it back!

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