Chapter 1513: I Want To Be Dowry

Chapter 1513: I Want To Be Dowry

Nangong Hua also showed a smile. As long as Nangong Yu could marry Yun Jingxue.

No, even if he doesn’t marry, as long as I find a way to make Nangong Yu and Yun Jingxue have a relationship, I can get the benefits promised by Lou Wushuang.

Although the valley master of Thousand Poison Valley is nothing, there is Lou Family behind Lou Wushuang!

As long as we can affiliate with the big Lou Family, our Nangong Family will soon prosper.


If one asked, what was the most widely circulated event in Miluo Continent during this period, all the martial artists would tell him that King of Hell Nangong Yu was getting married to Shengde Hall’s young master Xi Yue.

Because of this news, the entire continent was almost boiling.

Not to mention that this shocking marriage was the most talked about every day in Jin Ling Kingdom, even Nangong Yu’s admirers protested angrily every day in Shengde Hall.

If Nangong Yu married a woman, maybe they would give up after being unwilling.

But, Nangong Yu actually wanted to marry a man. How could they be reconciled? They actually lost to a man?

However, after a while, another version of the news spread from Miracle Healer City.

“I heard that it’s not Xi Yue marrying into the King of Hell Mansion, but King of Hell Nangong Yu is going to marry into Shengde Hall.”

“Just kidding, that’s King of Hell Nangong Yu, Miluo Continent’s number one powerhouse. How could King of Hell marry him?”

Tch, you are saying like Xi Yue is not worthy? The best quality pills produced by Shengde Hall are all provided by Xi Yue. Don’t buy it if you are good! What’s more, I heard that Xi Yue has advanced from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Gold Core stage in just 1 year. Your Highness King of Hell wasn’t that powerful back then, was he?”

There was an uproar in the main cities, but the direction of the opposition and quarrel seemed… totally deviated.

There was even a gamble on Boundless Blackmarket, betting on who would marry to who.

In King of Hell Mansion, several of Nangong Yu’s subordinates were ashen-faced. Wu Gou even said angrily, “How can these people slander the reputation of master like this.”

Qing Long put his hand on his forehead and thought secretly: I knew master’s announcement of the marriage news without asking will have bad results, but I didn’t expect such a weird development.

Nangong Yu who was sitting at the top shook his head lightly. The smile on his face was full of helplessness and indulgence.

Wu Xin said cautiously, “Master, do you need us to clarify the rumors?”

Nangong Yu pursed his lips and said with a smile, “No, people in the world can say whatever they want, so what does it matter to me? If Xi’er really wants me to marry her, then why not!”

Wu Chen and Wu Gou, who didn’t know the truth, froze when they heard the words.

The corners of Wu Xin and Qing Long’s mouths twitched: Master, you know that Miss Xi Yue is a girl. Please stop playing with Miluo Continent like this! Everyone is innocent!

Only Wu Yu, a foodie, immediately jumped up excitedly when he heard it, “Master, I want to be the dowry!”

Nangong Yu kicked him away and said with a faint smile, “You guys are starting to prepare for the wedding. Remember to discuss with Gu Liufeng and Xi Jia about the bride price and wedding banquet. I’ll go to Miracle Healer Academy first.”


However, Hexi, who was at the eye of the storm, had always been calm. She ate and slept as usual. Every day she digested the materials in the Miracle Healer Academy library bit by bit. If she had any questions, she would ask the elders.

Although many students in the school feel ashamed that Xi Yue, a man, wanted to marry King of Hell Nangong Yu, who was also a man, but no one was stupid enough to be the unlucky one.

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