Chapter 1514: Confused

Chapter 1514: Confused

Even Lu Zhixi, who hated Hexi the most, once again sneered and slandered at Hexi, then she was severely punished by Hexi. Since then, she no longer dared to act presumptuously in public.

Miracle Healer Academy had always respected the strength.

Even after Zeng Shouyue heard that Xi Yue would not like girls, he persuaded her earnestly: You must let Nangong Yu marry to you.

How can I allow my best disciple to be snatched away so easily?

This made Hexi really dumbfounded. When she said she would marry Nangong Yu back that day, she really just said it casually, purely to shut the mouth of Nangong Xin and his toyboy.

Unexpectedly, under the public opinion created by Jin Zeyu and Wei Chengyuan, the whole Miluo Continent was now discussing her marriage with Nangong Yu.

Hehe… Thinking of Nangong Yu’s expression after hearing this argument, Hexi couldn’t help laughing.

By the time she got back to the dormitory, it was already dark. Xuan Mu was already lying quietly on the bed, seemingly asleep.

When Hexi was about to get into bed, Xuan Mu sat up on the bed and looked at him solemnly. The light in his eyes was flickering.

Hexi touched her face, wondering, “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“I heard the news about you and Nangong Yu.”

Cough…” Hexi almost choked on her own saliva.

I’m not surprised if anyone gossips, but this is Xuan Mu… the high-cold Xuan Mu who has never bothered about others’ matters. Is he trying to get the news from me?

Hexi took out a glass of diluted spirit spring water from the void, took a sip to suppress her shock, and said awkwardly, “Oh.”

Xuan Mu frowned, “He’s a man, not… not suitable for you.”

The corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched. As expected, one lie will be followed by countless lies.

How should I answer? Say that I just like men? Or women are not suitable for me? Or else just say that I’m gay… Wait! Wrong! I’m obviously a woman!

Hexi felt confused.

Xuan Mu jumped off the bed, slowly approached Hexi, and stared at her deeply, “Have you decided on this person? You won’t regret it?”

Hexi really wanted to say ‘you are being too controlling’.

But Xuan Mu’s expression was too serious that she couldn’t just casually brush him off.

She swallowed, then she nodded, “From the moment I choose Nangong Yu, I will not regret it. I will not give myself a chance to regret it.”

Xuan Mu was slightly taken aback. His expression became distant and dazed.

After a long time, he took a step back. His expression returned to his usual indifference, “Okay, I understand.”

Before Hexi could speak, Xuan Mu said again, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you!” Hexi continued to answer awkwardly. Why is Xuan Mu so strange today?

Qing Luan just came back with Hexi’s crystal stone for this month. As soon as she entered the door and saw Xuan Mu leaning so close to her princess, she burst into anger.

Hey, what are you doing? Stay… stay away from our young master!”

Xuan Mu ignored Qing Luan, returned to his bed, and said slowly with a cold voice, “Be careful of the people of Nangong Family. They are now the pawns of the Lou Family.”

The Lou Family? Hexi frowned. Suddenly, she remembered Ouyang Haoxuan’s investigation results. The valley master of the Thousand Poison Valley was called Lou Wushuang.

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