Chapter 1515: Sympathy

Chapter 1515: Sympathy

Miracle Healer Academy, Mojing Pavilion.

Nangong Xin was pressing on Tong Bing’s naked body to vent his anger. The gasping, moaning and crying sound reverberated in the room from time to time.

Nangong Xin pressed Tong Bing, but that unparalleled face seemed to appear in front of her eyes.

The lust in his eyes turned into blazing flames.

That beautiful young man, if he is the one under me, if I can get him…

Thinking of how cold and ruthless she was when he beat him, Nangong Xin was resentful and unwilling. But at the same time, his heart became more burning and longing almost as if he was going crazy to get this person.

When Nangong Xin was excited, he grabbed Tong Bing’s hair and tortured the boy under him ruthlessly.

Even though Tong Bing was in so much pain that he kept begging for mercy, and his body was covered with bruises, Nangong Xin didn’t care. Instead, he tortured Tong Bing more and more cruelly.

After a long time, Nangong Xin finally stopped.

Suddenly, a guard’s anxious voice came from the door, “Master, someone is here!”

Nangong Xin frowned. He was about to scold the guard for disturbing him.

The closed door was knocked open with a bang.

The disgusting smell made the person who barged in frown in disgust.

Nangong Xin wanted to yell at him, but when he saw the person clearly, he was so frightened that he jumped off the bed. He didn’t even have time to put on his clothes.

The person standing at the door turned out to be his second brother, Nangong Hua, the master of the Nangong Family.

Standing behind Nangong Hua was his mother, the old lady of the Nangong Family, and Yun Jingxue who was supporting her.

Nangong Hua looked at his younger brother who was hurriedly grabbing his clothes to cover up his fat and unsightly body, and the disgust in his eyes was even greater, “Get dressed and get out!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Tong Bing, who was covered in bruises on the bed, as if looking at a trash.

Nangong Xin dared to be arrogant to others, but he didn’t dare to do the same in front of his second brother.

As soon as Nangong Hua left, he quickly put on his clothes and hurriedly followed.

Tong Bing waited for Nangong Xin to go out before he frowned, got up and used spiritual power to heal his body.

But his spiritual power was weak. The wounds on his body tortured by Nangong Xin were too deep. It was so painful that he couldn’t stop taking quick breaths.

The guard felt pity seeing his weak body and childish face.

He couldn’t help but stepped forward and said, “You can’t do this. I have some wound medicine here.”

As he spoke, he took the wound medicine from his storage bag and handed it over.

Tears fell from Tong Bing’s eyes. His face was indescribably pitiful and pathetic. He begged in a hoarse voice, “My wounds hurt so much. Can you please use spiritual power to heal me?”

Spiritual power could relieve pain, so the guard didn’t think too much and immediately channeled spiritual power to slowly caress the hideous wounds on the young man’s body.

When the spiritual power touched Tong Bing’s dantian, Tong Bing’s eyes showed a glimpse of murderous intent. The dagger he held in his hand mercilessly pierced into the guard’s chest, then he activated the devouring power.

The devouring power could only be used on people who were willing or had no resistance. It was useless to people whose strength was stronger than him.

Tong Bing waited for more than half a month, maintaining a weak and harmless appearance, to win the sympathy of the people around him, just for this moment.

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