Chapter 1516: Same Person?

Chapter 1516: Same Person?

A moment later, the guard who had been sucked dry fell to the ground with his eyes wide open.

Tong Bing glanced at it with a sneer and put the corpse into the storage ring that Nangong Xin gave him.

There were many guards around Nangong Xin, so he wouldn’t care if a guard was missing.

The wound on Tong Bing’s body healed completely at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his skin became tight and smooth again.

Tong Bing wore his clothes, put up an innocent and weak expression again, and walked toward the room where Nangong Xin and Nangong Hua used for discussion.

In the conference hall, Nangong Xin was talking about what happened after meeting Xi Yue.

He looked infuriated, then there was a glimpse of greed and lust, making that fat face distorted and trembling from time to time.

Nangong Hua knew his younger brother best. By looking at his expression, he could tell that Nangong Xin had ill intentions against the young man named Xi Yue.

He felt disgusted instantly. There are so many women, yet you just prefer men.

Nangong Hua had always looked down on this younger brother, but he didn’t expect that his nephew, known as the most talented person in the Nangong Family, would also have such a bad habit.

At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open carefully, revealing the head of a handsome young man with nervousness and fear.

Nangong Hua and the others recognized at a glance that this young man was the toy boy who rolled the bed with Nangong Xin just now.

Nangong Hua hated this kind of people the most, and he immediately said coldly, “Third Brother, you really are getting more and more carefree. How can you let this lowly thing wander around? He even dares to come here.”

Because of his high cultivation and the fact that this was the lower realm, Nan Gonghua never thought of letting the guards guard outside. He didn’t expect Tong Bing to come in on his own.

Even Old Lady Nangong, who had always maintained a kind and worried face, frowned with deep disgust in her eyes.

Yun Jingxue raised her eyebrows in anger and swung the whip fiercely at Tong Bing, “Scum, who let you in? You tired of living?”

Tong Bing’s flesh was ruptured by the whip, and he rolled all over the floor in pain.

However, instead of rolling outside, he rolled into the house. He screamed while crying, “Third Master, help me, help me! I just want to help you. You know that I’m the one who knows Xi Yue and King of His Majesty Hell the best. Ahh… please help!”

As soon as Tong Bing said this, before Nangong Xin asked for pardon for him, Nangong Hua had already narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to stop Yun Jingxue.

He walked over slowly, looking condescendingly at Tong Bing lying on the ground covered in whip marks and ragged clothes, “You know Xi Yue and Nangong Yu?”

Tong Bing was sobbing and shrinking his body with a pure and harmless appearance, “I used to study at Miracle Healer Academy. Xi Yue, he… he is the same person as me. I lived with him in the same dormitory once, so I saw him hooking up with His Royal Highness King of Hell and even other men.”

Yun Jingxue showed a disgusted expression. She said with a distorted face, “A person like you? So he is really a toy boy that anyone can play with?”

Thinking of the scene where Nangong Xin pressed Tong Bing just now, Yun Jingxue was so disgusted that she was about to vomit.

Tong Bing’s eyes were crying with a pale and pitiful face, but he didn’t say anything.

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