Chapter 1517: You Have A Way?

Chapter 1517: You Have A Way?

Yun Jingxue was getting more and more disgusted by him. She returned to Old Lady Nangong and said coquettishly, “Old Lady, the lower realm is the lower realm. I didn’t expect so many men to be willing to degrade themselves as toy boys.”

“I think Cousin Yu become like this because of the bad influence of Miluo Continent. We should bring Cousin Yu back to Siam Continent as soon as possible!”

Old Lady Nangong was also frowning tightly. She said with a cold face, “Jingxue is right, we will take Yu’er back immediately. We must not let him marry such a thing. Let Yu’er marry Jingxue when we go back and stay away from places like Miluo Continent in the future!”

A dark light flashed in Tong Bing’s eyes. His eyelashes drooped low, hiding his true emotions.

It turns out that Yun Jingxue is Nangong Yu’s fiancée. Hehe, I wonder what will happen to Xi Yue if she were to face him?

Nangong Hua sneered and said, “Jingxue don’t worry. Xi Yue is just an ant after all. We will crush him to death if we want to. Tomorrow I will let Zheng Luo get rid of him. I don’t believe that Nangong Yu will go against me because of a toy boy.”

Wouldn’t it be too cheap to let Xi Yue die like this? Besides, I haven’t gotten Xi Yue’s wood spiritual root yet!

Tong Bing blinked and said with fear, “No, you can’t kill Xi Yue like this!”

Yun Jingxue suddenly glared at him, “Know your place. Who let you speak?”

With red eyes, Tong Bing crawled to Nangong Xin’s side and sobbed, “Bing’er of course is not qualified to speak, but Third Master has saved Bing’er’s life. Bing’er has to repay it, so I have to tell what I know even if you kill me.”

“During the time Xi Yue was at Miracle Healer Academy, he not only hooked up His Royal Highness King of Hell, but he also fascinated many powerful men. If you kill Xi Yue directly, not only His Royal Highness King of Hell will be angry, but it will also affect his relationship with Miss Yun. Even those men who are hooked up by Xi Yue will not let it go easily.”

“Among those men, there is one named Xuan Mu, whose cultivation should have surpassed the Nascent Soul Stage.”

Nangong Hua’s pupils shrank suddenly. His expression remained uncertain.

Xuan Mu? There is no such person in Siam, but his cultivation has surpassed the Nascent Soul Stage and his surname is Xuan. This somehow makes me uneasy.

Who is this Xi Yue? A mere man can really seduce so many people? Or is this toy boy lying to them?

But if it’s true? Wouldn’t it not worth to trigger my nephew and provoke a powerful enemy just for Xi Yue?

Seeing Nangong Hua’s expression, Tong Bing knew that he was shaken. There was a glimpse of ridicule in his eyes.

His face looked even weaker and more innocent. He said with genuine concern for the Nangong Family, “If you want to deal with Xi Yue, unless you let His Highness the King of Hell and those men whom he hooks up with see his face clearly. Otherwise, even you kill Xi Yue, it will only backfire.”

Nangong Hua glared at Tong Bing with a squint, “You have a way?”

Tong Bing bit his lip. Teardrops were still on his pretty face, looking pitiful. He said softly, “Xi Yue is domineering in Miracle Healer Academy. Bing’er is not the only one who is persecuted by him, but also there are many people who hate him to his core. As long as we unite with those people and find a way to expose Xi Yue’s true face to others, I believe His Highness King of Hell will no longer treat him as a treasure. He will only abandon him like a worn-out shoe.”

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