Chapter 1518: Teach A Lesson

Chapter 1518: Teach A Lesson

“At that time, if Ms. Yun wants to kill or torture him, I believe His Royal Highness King of Hell will not stop you. He will even thank Ms. Yun for letting him know his way back!”

When Yun Jingxue heard that, she snorted with an uncertain expression in his eyes, “You better mean what you say.”

Tong Bing shrugged his shoulders, leaned against Nangong Xin, and said in a low voice, “Bing’er did this not only to avenge Xi Yue’s persecution of me, but also to repay Third Master’s life-saving grace. If Third Master is willing Trust Bing’er, let Bing’er arrange everything!”

Nangong Xin was flattered by Tong Bing’s eyes full of gratitude and admiration.

He smiled at Nangong Hua and said, “Second Brother, my toy boy still has some brains. Why don’t you let him try? You also know how hot temper Nangong Yu is. If you really kill Xi Yue directly, not only will she not marry Jingxue, but he will directly break the ties with our Nangong Family.”

Old Lady Nangong also thought of this possibility. She lowered her brows slightly and said in a deep voice, “Old Third is right, we must not let Yu’er be separated from us. Let Old Third’s… people try it.”

A crazy smile flashed across Tong Bing’s eyes. He lowered his eyebrows, trying to suppress the impulse to laugh wildly.

Xi Yue, Xi Yue, just wait for your reputation to be ruined!

As for Lu Zhixi, it’s time to contact her and ask her to contribute to Xi Yue’s fall.


Tong Bing’s suggestion made Nangong Hua finally decide not to kill Xi Yue.

However, Yun Jingxue couldn’t accept it. She was a majestic young miss from the Yun Family and a talented girl from the upper realm, but she still had to be afraid of a toy boy from the lower realm?

If this kind of thing gets out, how can I have the face to see people?!

When Tong Bing learned that Yun Jingxue wanted to teach Xi Yue a lesson, instead of stopping her, he added fuel to the fire, “Miss Yun, although you can’t kill Xi Yue directly, you should teach him a lesson. You should let everyone in the Miracle Healer Academy knows who is His Highness King of Hell’s real fiancée.”

Yun Jingxue’s face was full of pride when she heard the words, then she took Lu Yun with her and headed toward the Huang Medical Branch pointed by Tong Bing.

Tong Bing looked at her back and cursed in a low voice, “Idiot”.

However, this idiot is just right to attract Xie Yue’s attention, making him unaware of my arrangement.

Moreover, Yun Jingxue’s strength was very high, several times stronger than Nangong Xin’s, plus there are many powerful guards around her. I don’t believe that Xi Yue can escape this time.


Yun Jingxue looked at the young man walking on the tree-shaded road not far away, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

No matter which city in Siam Continent she was in, she never saw anyone more beautiful than her. Every man can’t move his eyes when seeing her.

But she didn’t expect that she would see a man more beautiful than her.

Compared with Xi Yue’s alluring demeanor, her beauty could only be regarded as gaudy at best.

Yun Jingxue stared fixedly at Xi Yue’s face. Even though it was a man in front of her, she wished she could rush over and scratch this face immediately.

“You’re Xi Yue?! That scum who seduces Cousin Yu?!”

Hexi was on her way to the library, then she suddenly felt a malicious gaze.

However, she had been used to being stared at by people because of the wedding news, so she wasn’t bothered by her at all.

Unexpectedly, this person suddenly rushed in front of her.

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