Chapter 1519: Fiancee?

Chapter 1519: Fiancee?

Hexi squinted at the person coming.

This was a very glamorous girl. She was only 17 years old, but her cultivation had already reached the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

As Yun Jingxue approached, she found that the young man in front of him had skin that was more beautiful than snow. His appearance was also peerless

The fire of jealousy in her heart was burning. She raised her hand and slapped toward Hexi’s face fiercely.

Hexi swayed slightly and easily avoided the slap, but a dangerous light shone from her eyes, “Who are you? Want to fight? I’m ready for it!”

Because of the noise here, many people were attracted.

Yun Jingxue didn’t expect that Hexi could dodge her slap, which made her even angrier. She gritted her teeth and said, “Let me tell you, I’m Nangong Yu’s fiancee! You shameless toy boy, don’t think that you can marry into the Nangong Family by just spreading some news! I don’t care what kind of relationship you had with Cousin Yu before, but from now on, you’d better disappear on your own. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Hexi frowned, and she slowly repeated, “Fiancee?”

When it came to fiancee, she thought of Feng Lianying, and her mood turned bad instantly. This guy Nangong Yu really has a lot of bad entanglement!

The students of Miracle Healer Academy who were watching were also whispering in amazement.

Xi Yue had absolute authority in Miracle Healer Academy, but it didn’t mean that everyone had no opinion on marriage between men.

Deep down in many people’s hearts, they were still ashamed of Xi Yue’s behavior of marrying man.

Now that they heard Nangong Yu even had a fiancee, and that the fiancee had come to her, the puzzlement and disappointment of these people turned into anger and contempt.

Qing Luan, who was following Hexi, trembled with anger when she heard these words.

Seeing Hexi’s downcast face, she thought she really believed it. Qing Luan immediately pointed at Yun Jingxue and scolded, “You nonsense. Since when did our master have a fiancee? Even if he did, it will only be our prin… our young master! What fiancee, I think you just want to marry our master on your own right?”

As Qing Luan said that, she also took out a red natal pendant, on which the phoenix pattern shone, “I’m Zhu Que, one of King of Hell’s confidantes. I’m following young master under my master’s command. How about you? How dare you say that you are master’s fiancee. Do you even have a token from master?”

“What are you? Dare to talk to my lady like that?!”

Lu Yun was stunned. She launched a green belt toward Qing Luan. The originally soft belt turned into a sharp blade and pierced toward Qing Luan’s chest.

Although Lu Yun looked ordinary, her strength was not much lower than that of Yun Jingxue.

Qing Luan was no more than the Gold Core Stage, so there was no way she could resist it. With a sound, the sharp blade transformed from the green belt cut off Qing Luan’s long sword and stabbed toward her chest.

At the critical moment, Hexi grabbed across the distance. Qing Luan was dragged back several steps by her, narrowly avoiding the attack.

The green belt turned toward Hexi. Hexi sneered, and Li Shui Sword suddenly appeared out of thin air and went toward the whistling green belt.

There was a loud impact. The green belt shook violently, making sizzling tearing sounds as if it couldn’t bear the impact.

Lu Yun was astounded. Her magic weapon was slashed into several pieces, becoming a pile of trash.

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