Chapter 1520: Picked The Wrong Person

Chapter 1520: Picked The Wrong Person

“You… you actually ruined my magic weapon!”

Hexi looked at Lu Yun and Yun Jingxue coldly and said with a sneer, “Enough nonsense? Either fight or leave!”

Yun Jingxue was frightened by Hexi’s casual strike.

Before she came here, she didn’t pay much attention to this toy boy from the lower realm. However, even Yun Jingxie herself wasn’t sure of blocking Lu Yun’s strike, but Xi Yue easily resisted the strike and even destroyed her magic weapon.

Who is this Xi Yue?

Yun Jingxue’s face turned pale and red. She gritted her teeth after a long while and said, “You… you shameless toy boy. Let me tell you, Cousin Yu and I are engaged. I’m his legitimate fiancee. No matter how much you pester Cousin Yu, you won’t end well!”

The coldness in Hexi’s eyes gradually turned into violent impatience. Her smile was cold and fierce, “It seems that you are planning to fight, very well! It just happens that I’m getting quite irritated recently!”

The light of Li Shui Sword soared, and the terrified aura erupted from Hexi.

The students of Miracle Healer Academy, who were still chattering, were so frightened by the powerful spirit pressure that their legs trembled. They all screamed and scattered.

After returning from the magical beast forest, Hexi had been restraining her edge, keeping a low profile and showing no sense of presence, so they almost forgot what kind of power this most terrifying genius since the establishment of Miracle Healer Academy had.

And Hexi was indeed infuriated.

Although she had always been not interested in other people’s foul words, and she didn’t bother to pay attention to it.

However, again and again, people came to provoke her with their mouths as dirty as shit. They scolded her every day that she was not worthy of Nangong Yu and told her not to pester Nangong Yu. How could she still have a good mood?

I don’t go mad, you really think I’m a weakling?! you have an opinion, why don’t you go to Nangong Yu who announced the marriage news? All of you come to trigger me one by one. Do you think I’m easy to be controlled?

Hehe, I’ll show you guys the consequences of picking the wrong person!

After 15 minutes, the people of the Miracle Healer Academy were already crowded there.

However, so many people were silenced by the fearsome scene.

Even the students of Huang Medical Branch couldn’t help swallowing from time to time.

Xi Yue… is so scary, too scary.

Yun Jingxue couldn’t help crying. Tears and snot were hanging on her bruised and swollen face.

The clothes on her body were tattered. Se kept rolling on the ground in order to escape Xi Yue’s attack.

Wuu wuu… help me… you bunch of trash. Help me now!… Ahh! Stop, please stop!”

The 3 bodyguards brought by Yun Jingxue, including Lu Yun, were all Nascent Soul Stage, but now they were all beaten to the ground by Xi Yue.

They didn’t know what method Xi Yue used. As long as they were hurt by Xi Yue’s sword, they would immediately become limp and unable to move. Their dantians obviously had powerful spiritual power, but they couldn’t exert it at all.

So, the majestic Nascent Soul Stage experts, under the watchful eyes of everyone, were beaten up by a Gold Core Stage young man.

And Yun Jingxue, who was beaten the most, was going crazy. In her life, she had never… never been humiliated like this.

“Xi Yue, you… wuu wuu… just you wait. I won’t let you go. You’ll have a miserable end!”

A cold light flashed in Hexi’s eyes, and she sneered, “Oh, are you reminding me to get rid of the root before the weed grows?”

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