Chapter 1521: Just Come

Chapter 1521: Just Come

As soon as she said that, the red and blue Li Shui Sword soared into the sky with an ear-piercing whistling sound, then it slashed fiercely toward Yun Jingxue’s vital point.

Yun Jingxue’s face was full of horror. She closed his eyes and let out a hysterical scream.

“Stop——!! How dare you hurt Jingxue!”

A sharp shout came from not far away, then a black light flashed. Hexi felt the Li Shui Sword hanging in the air receive a powerful impact, making a clang.

The powerful attack receded like a tide. The light and shadow of Li Shui Sword disappeared. It turned and returned to Hexi’s hand.

Not far away, a few powerful men came forward slowly, staring at Hexi with a sharp gaze.

As soon as Yun Jingxue saw someone coming, she rushed over while crying, “Uncle Hua, you must stand up for Jingxue! This Xi Yue, this scum… he, how dare he humiliates me like this. Wuu wuu wuu … If he doesn’t die, Jingxue doesn’t want to live either!”

The people who came were Nangong Hua, Zheng Luo and his subordinates.

Seeing these people, Hexi’s heart shuddered. Her expression immediately became a little dignified.

These few men who appeared suddenly were all above the Nascent Soul later stage. Nan Gonghua and Zheng Luo had1 even reached the Soul Splitting Stage.

Nangong Hua stared deeply at the young man in front with a trace of amazement in his eyes, then he glanced at Yun Jingxue and her subordinates who were beaten terribly. The amazement turned into deep fear and shock.

I always thought that Xi Yue is just a beautiful young man, and Nangong Yu is just bewitched by him.

But now it seems that the truth might not be so simple.

A young man, who lives in the lower realms and is only at the Gold Core Stage, can actually beat 5 Nascent Soul Stage experts.

With such talent and strength, if he is given a chance to grow up, he might become another Nangong Yu.

Could this be the reason why Nangong Yu wants to marry him? He wants to train this young man so that he can secretly regain the power of Nangong Family?

Nangong Hua’s heart trembled. A murderous intent flashed in his eyes, “What are you? You’re just an ant from the lower realm, and you dare to hurt the people of my Nangong Family. I will give you 2 choices. Either you cut off your own arms or you die here!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked.

People from Huang Medical Branch had already sneaked away to seek help from the elders of Miracle Healer Academy.

The other people looked at Hexi with pity and helplessness. No matter how strong Xi Yue was, how could she compete with the people from the upper realm? What was more, the strength of these martial artists was so unfathomable.

However, Hexi didn’t even change her expression. Instead of fear, her eyes were burning with flames, “What are you? If you want to fight, just come. Why are you talking so much nonsense?”

Nangong Hua only felt that his breath was stuck in his throat. He was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Since he became the family master, except for Nangong Yu’s unfilial nephew, no one dared to talk to him like that.

Killing intent leaked from his eyes. Nangong Hua waved his hand to Zheng Luo who was behind him and said in a deep voice, “Teach him a lesson. As long as you don’t kill him, do whatever you can. Best to cripple him.”

“Yes, family master!” A bloodthirsty light flashed in Zheng Luo’s eyes. A huge hammer suddenly appeared in his hand as he walked toward Hexi with a sneer.

That hammer seemed to be an ordinary weapon that those low rank martial artists who relied purely on strength would use it.

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