Chapter 1522: Counterattack

Chapter 1522: Counterattack

However, when Zheng Luo held it up, all the onlookers felt a cold, bloody aura blowing toward their faces.

Zheng Luo was already at the Soul Splitting Stage. Although he had just advanced not long ago, why would he take a Gold Core Stage small character like Xi Yue seriously.

A chain was connected to the handle of the hammer, making cracking sounds. Zheng Luo waved his hand lightly, and the hammer spun like a fan in mid-air.

As it spun, dazzling lightning coiled around the hammer, making thunderous sounds.

When Zeng Shouyue, Li Chengqun and other elders arrived, what they saw was the meteor hammer whistling toward Xi Yue.

At this time, the shadow of the hammer had covered the sun above Xi Yue’s head, making Xi Yue look so weak and small.

Zeng Shouyue let out an angry and shrill exclamation, “Stop——!”

However, it was too late. The shadow of the hammer and the thunder were about to tear Xi Yue into pieces the next moment.

Many Huang Medical Branch students screamed in horror. The other students couldn’t bear to close their eyes.

An excited smile appeared on Zheng Luo’s face. What he liked most was seeing people smashed by meteor hammers to the point of dying. He had reserved his power. If this young man died like this, he could only blame himself for being too weak.

But the next moment, Zheng Luo’s smile froze on his face.


The dazzling flames spread suddenly like an explosion, and a fiery air wave swept across hundreds of meters.

The ground of Miracle Healer Academy, which was paved with special green bricks, melted and shattered one after another. The trees on both sides were also swept by the flames, turning into ashes in an instant.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Zeng Shouyue and Li Chengqun quickly set up their protective shields, enveloping the students and retreating. They narrowly avoided the engulfment of the flames.

Zheng Luo, who was the first to bear the brunt, only felt that the flames were like hell fire. His protective shield was corroded at the touch.

I’m at the… Soul Splitting Stage! How can I possibly be injured by the flame of a Gold Core Stage kid?

Nangong Hua and the others were also shocked. They used magic weapons and spiritual power to resist.

However, Yun Jingxue and the others were out of luck.

They had just been poisoned by Xi Yue, so their spiritual power could not be used and could only be beaten passively. When the flames hit, Nangong Hua and the others only cared about protecting themselves. When they remembered to pull them into the protective cover, the hair of Yun Jingxue and the others had been scorched black. when the wind blew, black ash fluttered down, and exposed patches of scalp like lumpyhead.

After burning for 10 seconds, the flame slowly subsided and dissipated in the air.

Zheng Luo panted heavily while looking at the young man boy not far away with horror.

The meteor hammer had already fallen to the ground. Although it was not burned to ashes, most of it was melted.

The young man in front of him was unharmed, but his face was shockingly pale.

Nangong Hua gasped. A Gold Core Stage young man unexpectedly blocked the Soul Splitting Stage’s attack, and he even counterattacked.

Who is this young man?

At this moment, Hexi felt weak. If she moved a little, she would directly collapse to the ground.

What she had just used was a newly learned move in level 3 of the Maha Inheritance – [Sinless Fire].

This move should originally be used after reaching the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. Once the [Sinless Fire] ignited, it could burn everything within a radius of several kilometers. Even the Soul Splitting Stage powerhouse couldn’t stop the burn of this [Sinless Fire].

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