Chapter 1523: Reunion

Chapter 1523: Reunion

However, Hexi was only at the Gold Core Stage now, how could she condense [Sinless Fire].

Therefore, she thought of a way to use the Circle of Life in her body to convert the other 5 types of spiritual powers into fire spiritual power in a short period of time and launched this attack.

This was a truly fatal blow, and its power was astonishingly powerful, but after the attack, Hexi only felt so weak that she could fall asleep at any time.

Not to mention taking another blow from Soul Splitting Stage, even if Yun Jingxue rushed to retaliate now, Hexi would be defeated with one blow.

It was a pity that Yun Jingxue didn’t know about it. She was frightened by Xi Yue that she held her burned bald head and cried.

Nangong Hua’s face became more and more gloomy.

He could feel Zheng Luo’s disordered internal aura, which meant he suffered major internal injuries.

A Gold Core Stage can actually hurt the Soul Splitting Stage. If such a young man is united with Nangong Yu, the consequences will be disastrous.

Even if I will face Nangong Yu’s crazy revenge in the end, this young man must not be kept alive.

Thinking of this, Nangong Hua finally walked forward slowly with a cold face. He was wearing gloves on his hands. After taking off the gloves, a pair of fiery red palms covered with scales was revealed.

He wanted to kill this genius young man before he gained more power!

In the distance, Lu Zhixi watched this scene excitedly and nervously. She bit her fingers nervously and muttered, “Kill him, kill this scum… No, it’s too easy for him… It’s too easy for him to die like this…”

The young man wearing a white mask laughed and said lightly, “Don’t worry, Nangong Hua will abolish Xi Yue, but he won’t kill him right now.”

“Yes, abolish him and let him become a trash and a slave to be trampled on!” Lu Zhixi became more and more excited. She almost wanted to jump out to see that man’s miserable end with her own eyes.

But she was immediately stopped by the young man beside her, “What do you think of the cooperation I mentioned?”

When Lu Zhixi was stopped, her originally excited nerves relaxed. She slowly turned around to look at the young man with a mask, then she smiled sweetly, “Tong Bing, we are already old friends. Why are you still wearing a mask?”

“You really recognized me.” Tong Bing seemed not surprised. He chuckled and took off the mask, revealing a harmless face, but only for a moment, the mask was put on again, “Xi Yue is too vicious, too cunning. I can only set him up from the dark.”

When Lu Zhixi heard the name Xi Yue, she gritted her teeth, “As long as I can make Xi Yue suffer, I don’t mind working with anyone. What do you want me to do?”

Tong Bing showed viciousness in his eyes as he looked into the distance, “You wait for my news. I will let you know when I need your help. Don’t let anyone know our plan.”

Not far behind Lu Zhixi, Cai Yu stood beside Lu Zhixi’s bodyguards. Looking at the 2 people whispering at a low voice, a dark light flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, the battle situation in the distance changed again.

After Nangong Hua took off the gloves, the hands full of scales suddenly swelled.

Behind Nangong Hua, there were countless similar ghost claw shadows rushed toward Hexi.

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